Smelter Complex, Enclave Baross final events

Smelter Complex and Eclave Baross still feels time consuming and tedious (there are some improvements on Baross tho)

Metalfab is ok i think, but special spawn points should be more diverse

On both of EBaross and SComplex maps most of the enemies are coming from the far side of arena still (well on SComplex from the sides aswell, but it’s poxwalkers only so whatever) and players just stand at the chokepoints

It’s just doesn’t fit for such type of location, we aren’t in some deadend gut tunnel, i also think it would be much more epic and spectacular to fight around molten metal streams.

Even covers are already there in the middle. Add more enemy types, and a boss maybe.

And for Enclave Baross (have no pic sry) it should be the landing zone in the middle.

While hatches on the floor improved spawns, didn’t change it drasticaly.

Put some boxes and barrels for cover and some stairs and bridges so enemies can get there.

Probably there should be some objectives that demands from players to stay in the middle to progress (do hacks or something)

Cause you know, such last stands are kinda iconic for Warhammer 40k


Yea baross needs more spawn points on the upper part where everyone holes up at the end. They’ve increased spawns etc but it doesn’t matter much b/c that defensive position is too strong. Feel the same about Carnival finale too, that event is fun if you fight in the arena area, but if you hole up by the entrance it’s wayyy too easy.

Kinda disagree about smelter tho, yeah the very last part where you’re just chilling by the door is easy but the tentacle clearing part of the event (which is really most of it) can be quite spicy and requires you to run all around the finale area. I’ve def wiped on that part a number of times!

Yes, so do we rly need that final part after the objective? Like if it’s done that’s it, you can’t wipe after and it feels like unreasonable timer.

Maybe it just would be better to rescale difficulty. Like with more tentacles destoyed harder waves become so last stand is like a final accord and than you go for exctraction.

Can’t be anything, I just feel that gorgeous part of the final location is underused or something.

I hate that part at the end tbh, especially since recently there’s been a bug where sometimes you clear all the enemies at the end but the event doesn’t complete and you’re just stuck there. I feel like you should be able to gtfo as soon as you restart the smelter

Imo what they should do is just let you gtfo right after you restart the smelter, but turn that exit hallway into an absolute madhouse (e.g. exit hallway for refinery delta)

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