How long 'till we're back to normal?

2 weeks is generally a reasonable time frame for any event, precisely for the reason you cited.

I really don’t see the issue. This thread and the mindset shown here by some people just reinforces how impatient (and dare I say soft-boiled?) some of the Gaming Community really is.

We talk about a perceived problem that’s solved by pressing one different button on the mission board.

In your being obnoxious, you can’t even understand what you’re talking about. GG.

It does take up a slot for the difficulty. Damnation on the normal board only has 3 slots, one is now always Carnival, meaning there’s only 2 of any other map on Damnation on the normal board at one time, meaning the choice in maps in regular damnation is reduced as well.

It’s a flaw in design with the mission board and a flaw in design with the workaround to allow access to a new map. Fatshark still remembers those videos with content creators having review videos on Comms-Plex that were saying they’ve never had it pop up in the mission board.

just fall all the way back to the airlock doors that you enter the amphitheater from, anywhere else is a shooting gallery and as long as you have some crowd control you can just wait the waves out

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