How has Fatshark NOT given out any sort of apology gifts/double xp weekends for the ongoing failure of Darktide launch?

We are over 2 weeks into launch and the game is still not finished…constant crashing, “coming soon” features still in the game even though we got charged full price for a half built alpha experience of a game, basic fundamentals still missing like contract tracking…yea… guilds/clans nonexistent, not even close to the amount of weapons promised at launch, ETC.

No sincere apology given. The teams are still taking off on the weekends. Darktide Comms on twitter hasn’t posted anything since Dec 8th.

There’s only a certain amount of times people can blame the publishers/management for “forcing them to launch a game in the state that it’s in” before people start to wonder if that’s actually the case, or if it’s the whole Fatshark studio in general not working hard and having the slightest bit of idea of the time needed before committing to a release date.

That all being said, why haven’t the customers been given some sort of gift for the failure that is the Darktide launch and ongoing game breaking issues?
100k currency, crafting material bundle to enjoy the 2 out of 4 crafting modules, or even a double xp weekend, even though half the community wouldn’t benefit from it because some already have all 30 toons.
All of these “gifts” would not be complicated to do in the slightest.


Yup, imo they should have given 2.4k Aquilas to every active account so far, and they should have done that instead of the interview where the Co Founder and Game Director lied about always having wanted to implement currency packs corresponding to bundle prices.

They should have also stopped any type of MTX until, at the very least, crafting is fully implemented, and should have made an apology to players, disguised as a “thank you” post.

The issue is, the higher ups seem ignorant - whether they truly don’t understand, or whether they intentionally want to squeeze as much as possible out of the game before it dies, I don’t know. I hope it’s the former, that would mean there’s a chance of them turning this around.

Sadly, I think they’ll continue letting their staff take the blame for their decisions and pretend like nothing’s wrong.


There wont be a double XP event, that would make people play the actual maps, thats why they keep coming up with stupid modifications, so people dont play the game, and instead wait on the ship to get better map/conditions.The focus now is to keep them standing around the item shop, conveniently positioned next to the cash shop, because who knows, maybe someone will bite.

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Not a single company would act like this to their community.
Most even do in game gifts just for a patch/update delay.
Not a single statement mentioning a full commitment or apology.
Not even a real season road map.
Nor in time communications or daily updates.

Such bad attitude should be charged even, really the worst management ever seen in my life from a gaming company.
When multiple others have given so many ideas and tips with their action for the behaviour needed in cases like this.

Why didn’t we ask a refund yet?


Well probably because we played too many hours already :slight_smile:
Additionally combat, gameplay, atmosphere, music and feeling of being in Wh40K universe is actually pretty good.
The underlying systems and “design philosophy” is what undermines all the good parts. Bad loot system, not implemented crafting, cash shop, mission selection structure, lack of shared resources, contracts etc.
It is a great disapointment all in all. We can have fun in this game, but FS makes it so needlessly restrictive.

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Double XP wouldn’t matter too much in the long run.



Spoiled lil brats.


I mean I disagree on the “trash” part but every other points are valid. And providing bonus to those sticking with all the try and error of the launch is pretty basic PR. Especially when you’re already starting with a weakened reputation.

Sorry not every one is as apathetic as you seems to be with expectation.

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0 expectations = 0 disappointment

Sorry you haven’t learned your lesson yet.

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Yes, they lied to us, and Aqshy admitted that. It also needs to be optimized. When you screw up a launch like this, you show the community a token of appreciation for putting up with it.

But hey, keep insulting people, that makes a great point.

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And reward your constant bickering? What for? A good chunk of the community is being absolutely insufferable.


Goes against the immeasurably complex design intent, I guess.


well if you’re fined with being only served sub part games at full price that’s on you. I will keep expecting studio to make functionnal games, be honest about their troubles or suffer for not fullfilling their engagements.


Except for the part where it isn’t full-price and the short-comings were known in advance. Everyone making the Pikachu Surprised Face. So much fake outrage. I am tired of this.


It’s really telling who was here for Vermintide 2’s launch and lifetime and who wasn’t, and the people who were and are still surprised by this… I’m sorry you can’t recognize patterns.

it’s not an AAA price but 40e is still the price of a functionnal game and not an indie flick.
the missing weapon, bearly changing modifier, poorly though weapon balance, predatory model, missing crafting, barebone quality of life options compared to Vermintide 2 etc… weren’t talked about until people started complaining about them. the outrage is the reason things are getting changed this far (like don’t make me beleive that they “forget” to include the 2400 aquila and 100 aquila at launch when they were the only way to not buy bundle at loss).

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Yeah, only a fool would expect a company that has had a difficult launch, learned from it, adapted the game over years, to then apply those lessons to their next game. I mean, just the thought is absurd.


The histrionics continue to be hilarious.

I spent 60€ for what?
So is it good for a car having 2 wheels instead of 4 because “the shortcomings were known in advance” (and you are a POS liar about that too)?


Good lord, you people need to chill. Every other post here is some keyboard crusader demanding the devs self-flagellate.

Your gaming experience doesn’t matter that much, man. Go touch grass. The game will get better. Your personal attacks against the CMs and/or company add little value to anything.