How do we feel about "hub" activities?

With them saying the hub is a social space and one of the trailers showing the charecters playing some form of card game. Unwinding with some cards or something at the hub could be quite fun as long as
1: it does not detract from the CORE gameplay
2: Aquilla are NOT the betting currency as they are a premium currency and “real money” gambling concerns
3:it is not a required activity in case some do not wish to do this and are only concerned with shooting more heretics.

I am almost positive there are at least 5 forms of currency/crafting materials with one likely being the premium. One of the other non premium currencies could be used as betting currency for cards or something.

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I think that’s a reasonable thing to hope for it would be fun to gamble the non premium currency maybe some card games or shooting minigames or a duelling system would be good try out different builds or new weapons on your friends.

I have a hard time speculating on those examples because of the volatile digital gambling laws recently, but I definitely think hub activities in general would be awesome. Playing casino-esque games with no consequence, target and shooting ranges for practice/competition, and more could add a lot to the atmosphere and community. Good idea!

I care very little about Hub activities. From my experience in Vermintide, when people had to wait a significant amount of time in the tavern/keep because someone was afk, then others simply went afk too, browsed the internet, looked at their character or just talked. I have used the woodswords in V1 maybe two or three times overall and havent seen other people using them much either.

I dont have anything against those activities though, i just dont really care about them. What certainly should not happen is getting some sort of rewards by doing them. There is no need for rewarding mini-games.

I will just talk on behalf of everyone since i have been given the authority by mom, we liked it, it feels like they took whatever destiny had and made it better.
Classic flatspark.

Hopefully there will be some target practice games or an area to test out weapons it will be fun to see other members of the inquisition chilling out

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