How banner works(for beastmen)

The banner gives bonus hp to enemies that walk into it in addition to hp regen. It seems to be a flat amount so it affects weak enemies like ungors a lot because they’re naturally very weak. Beefier enemies see a lot less of an effect due to their already high health. When the banner’s effect is removed from an enemy, they lose those bonuses. This can cause them to die as you’ll see in the video because the banner was the only thing keeping them alive(they lose the bonus hp). When a unit like the minotaur gains the banner effect, the only significant bonus it receives is the healing regen. The banner only affects beastmen. It also only takes 1-2 hits to destroy a banner.


Is it not ridiculous to anyone else that this appears to be literally the only specific source of information available, in-game or out, on how banners work? I know this info must be somewhere else in a forum or patch note, but it’s not obviously visible from a Google search.

Why are Fatshark so unwilling to communicate EXTREMLY BASIC things like stats or how new mechanics work?


I don’t actually think it was specifically stated in a patch note; prior to this, I thought I had read somewhere that it gave them regen, but I can’t even remember where, and I had no idea it gave them a flat health increase. I know during development they said it was going to make enemies invulnerable.

Fatshark does share information(in threads or patch notes).

I don’t think it’s so much that Fatshark is unwilling to communicate things like stats. It’s that people will ask Fatshark and when Fatshark answers those questions, that information is either not distributed from the receiver(s) of those answers or it’s buried in time on the forums. There is work being done to rectify some of that. Check out the Guides portion of the forum that was added just today. That’s the start. I’ll be compiling better organized guides(including existing technical stuff like this) that includes information from posts like these in that location of the forum. This will also help with the “burying in time” problem. I’ll also make them more polished than this(I just slapped this together pretty quick).

@BizarreSalp It was mentioned in a couple places that banners give health and health regeneration. However, most game companies aren’t going to give a lot of the technical side of things unless specifically asked.

They changed from invulnerability to the current iteration I think before even the first beta for Winds of Magic was available to play.


Ah, thanks, I must have missed that in one of the patch notes. I knew that the invul had never made it into a version we played, but I just wasn’t sure what was actually in its place, lol.