Beastmen need a nerf

Since beasmen aren’t fully fleshed out like the othe races…(and I’m sure they never will be) it’s perfect how they are…

having the bulk of their armies consist of marauder equivalents is what makes them unique

Bestigors are weaker than CW and ungors are very rare (playing more of a support role)

what indeed needs to be reworked is the SPEED of the gors special atatcks…they are too fast …while you can allways see a CW punch coming , you can never see the headbutts in time …and most of the times you get 3 or 4 at once…

spawnrate also needs to be reworked …as they seem to spawn right on top of you in the middle of fights

Only played 1 night so far but I like them - I was rampaging through the forest with Spear Huntsman.

Legend. A bot had died and the Maiden left us behind, but even the Zealot teammate with no more vanilla DR survived a good while though I was barely supporting him

Why does beastmen have:
Better attack patterns
More health
By the looks of it, quicker movement
Way, way more range (even bows)

and still has equal or denser hordes than the other factions? This is the root of the problem. Beastmen being a “better” unit is completely fine, them spawning in a never ending cycle in much larger quantities literally 1-2 meters away from you, at every angle is the problem here.


Wouldn’t it be possible that Beastmen are just harder because the time spent learning their animation and spawning behavior is far less than versus Skaven and Chaos? It would be better for a day one player to comment on which faction they deemed was the hardest tbh.

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It’s stated that Beastmen count as chaos, so “Dam Vs./protection Vs. Chaos” works for Beastmen.

Oops, I didn’t catch the previous poster with the same answer, apologies.

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I find this to be the case. While it’s true that there have been multiple changes from beta to beta, no one has had tons of experience with these new enemies.

I originally found beastmen to be oppressive and obnoxious, being the best of both the prior factions. I don’t feel that way any more though. As others have mentioned, they have just the one special(and things like charging to slow you/break block). They have a lot of other unique behaviors. They really do stand out from the other two enemies. After the changes they’ve made since the prior betas and learning how to fight them better, I no longer have any complaints on them other than maybe some things could be a little brighter or slightly better telegraphed(and audio being a bit louder for some things). Not faster or slower though. They seem to have adjusted everything just right and it’s amazing.

The bestigor’s charge was changed from the original heat-seeking sonic-booming charge to a smooth and balanced version. The bestigors have the most amazing move when they charge at you and then do a spin-around if they miss. It’s also satisfying to dodge. It is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a game. It’s so smooth and the animations on the bestigor charge look phenomenal. The wargors and their chanting is very audible now. It’s hard to miss it. You can ping archers now. You can also dodge their arrows. If you’re close enough to them, they will also default to melee which removes the ranged threat. Your characters often yell out when archers are within range. The minotaur, because it’s a boss, is fought the least and is something many people have a lack of experience in fighting. It’s a very cool boss and unique from the others. The initial charge that you can dodge at the last second. Its combo that can hit you twice due to dual weapons causing weapons to break much faster than other boss combos(but it also has a slower combo). It having no damage through block other than the charge. It definitely stands out.

The banner, while strong, is manageable. Banners also don’t send you across the moon any more when placed and destroyed. It was annoying but hilarious. It’s important to know how it works though and ideally destroy it sooner than later. How banner works(for beastmen) .

Overall I think they’re pretty balanced, unique, and satisfying to fight right now. This comes after having learned how to fight them much better and their balance changes to the beastmen.


They Hyper Density all the time( I think because they spawn like rats but are larger models maybe), They commonly ignore staggering attacks and they commonly ignore attacks. They Spawn on top of you in front of you behind you silently. They have weird attack jank animations don’t line up with hits. They have ranged mellee attacks. They sometimes attack in a direction they aren’t facing.

The fact they are more numerous than skaven, more damaging than Nurgles Chaos Hordes and Healthier than anything is just gravy.

Tone down the spawning weirdness and fix their jank bugs they should be fine but the numbers are definitely problematic as things stand.


Just wanted to share my experience about their animation speed (attack speed ?). I was shade with dagger&sword, i jumped over 2 beatsmen-spear while blocking, i stopped blocking for less than 1 sec and they instanly stab me, 0 animation. It seems that their animation bug when they have to hit someone in the aire above them…

Anyways i hate those unites, marauders use to be the ones that annoyed with raiders but beastmen, those are on another level…

I’m sorry to seem arrogant, but that Beastmen are stronger than Skaven and Chaos is an objective fact.

And imho in Vermintide every faction must have pro and cons. Ironically, if I wanted maximize my victory chance, I should restart the match untill I don’t see them at the start.

A cheap solution could be nerf their number. So Skaven would be weak but numerous. Beastmen strong but few. Chaos an half way.


Yeah I can’t push without taking a hit, sometimes a lot of hits sometimes so many hits I lose all my life… block forever and hope a teammate comes to clear while they are aggroing you or accept that sometimes runs will end because unknown …

I like to be able to go… oh look I made a mistake won’t do that again rather than… oh look… we all died and its over I wonder what mistake we all made at exactly the same time to bring that run to and end. Guess we will never know.


The hardest part for me was to learn to hold block while dodge dancing and inbetween 2-3 swings, it was really counter intuitive to old block and restrain myself of DPSing (it feels so wrong to me) but you get used to it. Also as someone pointed it out, they seem to stun you with certain attack witch often leads to chain attacks into your face.

I ve done dark omens on cata and tbh i dont think i ll ever again touch that map (uneless i have a BW)…

Edit: Also there are too many bugs witch seem to make them feel way stronger than our regular foes, i think before nerfing anything they should fix their issues first.


I agree, I think a few bugs are making some of the mechanics changes feel far more punishing than they actually are.

Main issues for me are:

  1. The huge number of gors gives their hordes a huge amount of mass. Even on Champ this makes weapons like the greataxe cleave like absolute trash. To be fair this is more weapon balance, but it’s weird the chunkier guys are the majority of a horde.
  2. Why do they do such a ridiculous amount of damage? Had a gor in a horde do like 40 damage with one hit on Champ! I swear the horde enemies do more damage than the Bestigors do…

If what someone further up said about then having semi unblockable attacks is true as well then that’s kinda crazy.

Less major issue but I feel like there are too many of them on a lot of maps. It’s kinda sad how infrequent chaos warriors feel nowadays. I miss the dudes.

Hm, now that I think about it, it’s possible that there’s a bug in their damage behavior considering hordes. All the other horde enemies (and Berserkers) do less damage if there are multiple enemies surrounding you. Has anyone checked whether this is the case for Gors and Ungors? Because if it isn’t, that’s likely a bug that seriously affects the Beastmen’s danger level.

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Archers under certain circumstances are crazy.

My only complaints at this point about beastmen are:

Minotaur + Horde = tough
Horde + 30 Archers in good positions = Very tough
Horde + Banners in hallways = Ridiculous if no HM.

Add a minotaur to those last two and its probably a wipe.

The short of it is this: When you start to see beastmen ambients, you need to pay attention to your horde timer, the drop down timing, and your patrol/boss triggers.

If you dont, you are heading towards wipeapalloooza.


Can confirm that on cataclysm, they sometimes hit your for more than half your health bar in a single hit during a horde, which they don’t seem to be able to do when alone. They also have a very high tendency to just outright ignore your block with any of their attacks.


I like how the Beastmen are tougher, the problem is we have had it too easy with Chaos and Skaven. Skaven could do with some slight buffs, maybe buff the regular Rat Ogre because I’ve been in far too many groups that breathe a sigh of relief when a boss character shows up with a horde and it is the Rat Ogre, seems wrong to me.

The boss characters in general don’t seem to have scaled with the recent update, they are all too easy to kill now when your hero hits 35.

Beastman are just BROKEN!

Just look at that. What was my mistake? I guess i cant push-stab 4 mobs or what?

Or what is this stupid range? It is about 5 meters away. No players weapon has such reach.

And this is main reason why you die on cata.

I am sure that it is the good reason why they are so strong. You just cant see that becouse beastman horde is just black mess.


Just thought I would leave this here as a warning XD lol.


Is your game bugged? Because that should be doing about half your hp :rofl::rofl: