How are there STILL no Tanith references?

So, just to be clear… I could do without a full regimental treatment for all classes in Darktide. The Tanith First was light infantry and would’ve never had Ogryns or sanctioned Psykers and only ever had one Zealot known in their history. I just want acknowledgement of their existence in the 40k audio/visual media. We already have plenty of cosmetics that lend themselves to creating a Tanith aesthetic. We just need a few items to set it off. Camo cloaks, daggers, even if not specifically Nalwood, more variety of wood stocked weapons, or camouflaged wrapped rifles and a trinket. That would be enough for me personally. Let Tanith live in Darktide, just a little bit…


Once again for the drip mod, why would fat shark want money for decent cosmetics when they can recolor the gimp mask. There is an actual Tanith color scheme for this, swipe the cape from the psyker prison set, looks like one of the priest vestment arms and hooray.


Happy to see my skin making the rounds! I made a couple more though that I think are better examples of what Tanith cosmetics for Veterans ought to look like.