Hotfix #39 (1.3.11) Patch Notes

They don’t have servers. They are Peer to Peer connection.

I’m not a big tech guy, but I believe how it works is that 1 person is a host, and the players joining them have to connect to them instead of a universal server. This is why in VT 2 (maybe 1?) enemy density is effected by how good the host’s PC is (from what I have heard) and why if the host disconnects it ends the run.

I wish the DT servers were better as well, but they can’t be compared like that to VT 2


As someone who is certified in Networking and has a IT cert in this but has forgotten all of it; you got the basic jest of it, good job. You should consider a career in the IT industry.


I think I’d rather be deployed to Tertium, but I appreciate the compliment!


can report absolutely no traction on this issue upon playing the ‘hotfix’ for a bit. the singular update note, the absolute state. can you guys fix the memory crash issue you created with patch13? it has been 7 months. oh well, time to check out VT2 Vs while it’s temporarily here because after 5 years in development it still hasn’t launched fully either.

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I’m still getting the “Out of Memory” crashes so no resolution to this long standing problem.


I was going to fix it… but then I forgot :face_in_clouds:

There’s an external authentication server that if it goes down, no-one can play.


Two weeks with a timer, 1 week to update the 4th page, and now it’s gone? Are you kidding me? Your f***king game crashed 7 times per match now, other types crashed 4 and 5 times. 2 WEEKS WITH TIMER PER WEEK? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
Now are we going to grab 3 pages of reskins again? Was it really (a lot of swearing and screaming) so difficult to leave the 4th page, which normally would have played every week 2 sets that were already there before. God, you are so pathetic. So I didn’t really play for 1 week, I came back and wanted to enjoy the game, but I burned out within 1 hour of playing the game - this is just a masterpiece of talent for this. How can you do everything so badly that instead of wanting to spend time in the game, you look for a reason not to enter it.

I feel your pain :face_exhaling:


that was their ‘event’, it wasn’t the return of the 4th store page. but seeing as how the forgeworld sets mack everything by being related to the source material (imagine) they really should have them up at all times. look at the current psyker sets on display, all garbage Zealot knockoff garbage (and better looking than most zealot gear too lmao).

The only reason I don’t buy donation styles is because I’m waiting for the one that will catch my eye, and it’s not there. Okay, I understand if they don’t add it, but why did they remove the 4th page, and why didn’t they remove it after a week… or do they have 1 week for people but 2 weeks for sharks?(((
Today I suffered from FPS drops, ping issues, crashes, and AAAA… I’m going to go for a run—more productive and beneficial.

Man fartshark you guys are absolutely out of touch with your fan base. Do you even read these replies, definitely not the ones that are criticizing the state of this dumpster fire of a game that I once enjoyed more than anything. You killed this game over and over and over and over again when will it end. It’s like you don’t care about the game at all, all you guys put effort into is new cosmetics that y’all sell at increasingly higher prices. How about fix the f*cking game. Would it kill you guys to actually bug fix and play test your updates before you launch them.

Nah that be to easy, let’s release an update that just continues to break the game and severs more. Then not fix it for weeks on end, just to finally drop a hot fix and it’s all fcking cosmetic fixes and one “quote” fix to crashing. Which didn’t do sht by the way, I actually crash more and lag more than I ever have in the 600+ hours I’ve played this god forsaken game. You’re a joke, this game is a joke, and the entirety of Fatshark is a joke. You guys are the most money grubbing, small AAA game studio to exist.

It’s sad because you guys have access to some of the greatest IPs to exist and yet you guys somehow managed to drop the ball and f*ck it all up countless times.


They don’t put effort into the cosmetics either. Those are outsourced to some random Asian subsidiary.


Triple A gaming is out of touch with its fan base and losing dollars as a result, the question is how much longer can companies like Fatshark afford to do it.
FOMO, broken sounds, ghost hits, broken spawns, RNG that is beyond silly, and plenty of feedback all ignored.

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Fatshark isn’t Triple A.

Which makes it all the more mind-boggling that they’re acting like a Triple A company. They literally can’t afford to alienate their base, they don’t have the near-universal appeal and lowest-common-denominator revenue stream AAA games bring in.


Warhammer whal- I mean fans fit that pretty well.

Warhammer is fundamentally a fairly niche hobby.


It is. 40k might be popular, but a majority of its fans are people who have only heard of SPESS MEHRENS, and don’t even know that there’s a whole tabletop game behind it. Me personally, it took a year or two to learn that there was a Fantasy Battles version, that said version was the original, and that both versions are a fully functional tactical wargame.

Even with all this knowledge, I’m still not going to buy a WH mini collection, because those get unreasonably expensive, and I’ve already dedicated my wallet to video games. Darktide is a way for people interested in warhammer, but who either don’t know about or want to buy the tabletop game, to interact with the universe.

All in all, it’s popular, but in a strange way where fewer people than you might think play the game “proper” - this is all from an outsider’s perspective, though.


It certainly is. Just I would consider Warhammer hobbyists to be among those who throw their money in ludicrous amounts.

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