Hotfix #38 (1.3.3) Patch Notes

Are you sure?

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There’s a certain comedy to that entire clip.

Also never trust supposed ‘crash’ or ‘audio fixes’ in FS patch notes. They’re simply not true 90% of the time for 50% of the players .

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Game still fully broken with sound freeze bug, leading to disconnect and crash.

Maybe actually fix and update your game, rather than pretending to fix it in order to sneak in your scam cosmetics?


I identify myself as a Varlet.

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Pre-Servitor is funnier than any pejorative term irl to me atm.


I cant help but feel that most of you people are scamming yourself if you willingly pay for something like DT and its cosmetics and feel the way you do about it.

You should expect every game to have flaws, there will be bugs and fixes and new bugs, all the time, be responsible and look into games before investing, or dont and live with the conequences.

I’ve paid for the game, gotten tons of fun and hours worth of playtime from it, way more than I could’ve asked for. Anything beyond what we gotten so far is just an added bonus

Same for the cosmetics, bought a few sets and im happy with the money spend.

If youre not happy, just cut yourself lose, admit to yourself that you wasted your money and make a more informed decision in the mext game you wanna invest into.

Take some responsibility for your own damn actions in the future

I can love Darktide and also be frustrated that it’s not living up to it’s potential at the same time.


The audio stuttering is still there, with file verification, re-downloading, and building up performance settings from minimal back up to my high-end PC’s standard abilities. look further into stability please.

honestly interacting with inventory causes a crash with the stupid memory leak thing since patch 13 so I don’t bother. its accumulating so bad, send help

Of course, your hotfix is divine and fixes the shader issue (they are already being fixed without your involvement - you play=load=fix), but now I have a strange problem with the SOUND that you FIXED. The problem is: there are no mobs nearby, simply none, they are all dead or don’t exist, yet I hear sounds of hits from behind/sides by mobs. Pay attention, question: is this a new “paranoia” mechanic? Or do I have to pray again for yet another fix in 2 weeks with cosmetics, where they will “fix” the sounds again. This is not an isolated issue, in about half of my games, I now experience this, and if I used to survive thanks to the sound before, now I need to remember and think if this sound is really made by an enemy, or if everyone has already been killed and there’s no one left.

Regarding optimization and FPS drops, thats a separate issue. I have pretty decent hardware, but I dont feel stable 120 or at least 90 FPS, they are just not there. Its a corridor shooter where theres not that much that could be killing the FPS. Just for a test, I decided to launch HD2 yesterday, havent played it in a while, everything is on ultra settings there, and its not a corridor shooter, by the way. And the graphics there significantly surpass my beloved Dark, letrsquos not compare a small modest studio like sharks and their protege Sony to each other, but I want to compare the development pace. HD2 has been out for half a year now, and they are working on optimization, and I don't just feel it, I see it. But looking at Dark and its 2 years, I don’t see anything, no progress with each patch/fix. It’s very frustrating, I want to play my favorite game and not think about how good another more optimized game…
And yes, on some pieces of maps it’s really tiny, the FPS is normal, as it should be, but on some, as provided by the Sharks, it’s randomly low