Hotfix #31

You mean people with reason to voice criticisms go there to voice criticisms? Sounds like a good thing
I understand your point is sample bias. However even if a dataset is biased you can make sense of it. Not everything has to be taken at face value, you can read between the lines and extrapolate information. Glassdoor explicitly encourages you to write pros and cons, and they line up between most of the reviews. Simply disregarding that because of a sample bias issue is just stupid


The real wisdom is in understanding there is no such thing as the absence of bias in any dataset whatsoever.

Even the attempt to collect impartial data is usually doomed to fail because one still must record that which they deem important and that act alone imparts bias. So much as pointing a camera is a choice made, as the camera might have been pointed the other way or taken to another place.

Once you understand that all data that passes through a person, including you yourself doing direct observation, has been touched by bias, you can begin to make sense of the data, but that really does have to be the first step we all take.


Yeah it’s easy to fat finger stuff like this, and in this case trivial to have fixed on the #14 after it was reported.

Hel, Infernus had an entire duplicated block of LUA code that had the old pre-patch values along with the new one, but somehow that got fixed but not this !?
It’s silly and baffling to me and pains me that oh so many weapons are affected.

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the same locations in a row, if you choose randomly.
It gets boring

If they don’t fix the controller config binding they broke 2 months ago on the next big patch I’m out. Spent all that time and good will from the early pc users to beta test for the MS users to just cash in and throw it away because you didn’t plan to either hold new features until after you went on vacation or actually test the patch.

This reminds me of why I hated working with most of the people in a warehouse: do the higher ups at fatshark’s simply not care that people think they’re incompetent? Are they comically arrogant as well?

And if you look at the steam charts for the vermintides, this is fatshark’s model. Cash, tank, patch slowly, and get a spike with dlcs. Their deal with MS means that this is a fantastically more successful game using that same model.

This is what success looks like.


They definitely added new voicelines without saying anything. I’ve been hearing new lines with characters I’ve been playing forever, I swear. They’re working toward something - we just gotta be patient.

Wow, haven’t played in months, only to come back and check in - and discover that there hasn’t even been any communication from the devs about anything, let alone new content updates.
Is the game already running on a skeleton crew before it’s even finished?


The Fatshark Cycle is happening again, except instead of abandoning the console version they’re abandoning all versions.

More seriously, we have 2 options.

  1. We’re about to see what we got prior to the class overhaul, where they just sat silent for a ridiculous length of time before dropping the best update the game’s gotten.
  1. They actually have zero plans or coherent thought process and have muzzled the CMs because revealing that would be bad for their money.
  1. None of the twits who populate the studio has a clue what went wrong, how to fix it, where to start on the apology to the players, or even just how to keep things running and have reverted to unannounced maintainance mode while hunting for other employment.

And I would hardly call #13 the “best update”. They did manage to make 1/4 of the games classes functionally useless, introduce a whole lot of bugs and/or undocumented changes, and generally double down on treating the players who had made it possible with the same scorn a puritian inquisitor shows for a heretic. Even the stuff they did manage to get right (some changes to crafting for example) still didn’t address the major issues.

At this point I would say its best to assume that Darktide is dead and our best hope is GW handing the license to a different studio. Even EA or Activision. At least the game would be functional.

Crikey. Bleak.

Fitting for the setting, I suppose?

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Humans are more likely to break silence when someone fails, rather than when he succeeds.

Thanks so much for the frame!
Happy valentines day everyone :hugs:



There’s also an Easter and a Halloween one. I get why we didn’t have events last year (except for WH Skulls event) but I was kinda hoping for some in-universe events this year. Even VT2 had a bunch of events its first year and continued to do most of them every following year.

Valentine’s could be something like the Feast of St Messalina, Easter could be Sanguinala/Emperor’s Day, write up some sufficiently spooky local holiday for Halloween, then back around to Candlemass for Christmas. It’s a bit sad we’re not even doing the real easy and obvious ones.

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Nah. All writing effort has gone to Zola’s journal posts on the launcher.


Welp, next year, it seems.

Hopefully, lol, but the sad truth is the game files are never a guarantee. Every time someone brings them up as proof of some future plans I am reminded of Kruber’s grenade launcher sitting in the VT1 files that even reprised its role of unfinished tease in the VT2 files, and, yet, still no grenade launcher.

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Yeah, but with frames it’s a bit different tho, cause how many of them is there. There are even Book Club frames, for discord book club members or event contestants, dunno

Oh for sure there are signs of lots of abandoned plans all over the place. The victory stances, the emotes, the vendor on the left hand when you walk in, they even had Twitch drops when the game first launched. They seem to have forgotten or shelved all that and a great deal more. (though they did recently add more victory stances to the files so who can say)

But what is Discord Book Club? I’d kinda always assumed those “book club” ones were for some unimplemented scripture and grimoire collection penance and “book club” was just an inside joke by the coders.


Hmmm somehow i completely missed it can be about tomes and grims. There is book club about wh40k books. I remember Aqshy was doing some events or discussions, before DT release and before she went back to work on V2. So i thought it’s some kind of reward for book club’s most active members or event winners.


Pushed all of it back when they back then made this open letter. Pretty sure events and such will be back on the menu this year. About time, too. Darktide needs love.