Host crash to desktop on weave 18 on 2 different hosts in the same spot

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Played Weave 18. Killed 2 Bile Trolls then walked past the essence shard without picking it up to grab a heal. Game crashed when heal was in view. This happened on the same map just previously with a different host.

Crash to desktop no crash uploader. Only crashes host.
Playing with sanctioned mods.

Only other thing I know is that a 3rd chaos troll spawns when you enter that general area usually.

crash_dump-2020-12-28-07.02.22-7c042ea5-4ea3-4754-82f9-952096e93770.dmp (670.0 KB)
console-2020-12-28-07.02.22-7c042ea5-4ea3-4754-82f9-952096e93770.log (2.3 MB)

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