Holy Fervour CANCEL

Can we please implement feature for this ability not being random garbage, cause sometimes it just cant be cancelled. There not always wall to hit your face into to stop move.


You’re talking about Zealot Ult right? You can cancel the dash with block, I don’t really get what you’re asking for?

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Make it it would be possible to cancel it 100% at the point you want. You want charge in place to gain AS? FINE AIM DOWN. You wanna run through? FINE, AIM IT UP.

Not this ******* block which works awful at any ping, half of time working too late or not working at all and you chargind down from ledge in a bad spot, etc etc etc

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Well you already have the option and it rather hard to aim when doing melee

You’re talking about a ping based issue that affects everything in the game. It’s not unique to Holy Fervor, and can’t really be fixed except by hosting yourself.


Ye, thing is crap so lets it stay right where it is

block is easier?

Indeed it is. It’s a right clic. Positionning your camera correctly especially when it moves a lot during melee is far more difficult than a right click.

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Pushstab is the best way to cancel the charge. Block stops you, push stops them

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Have you ever played slayer? I guess no. Have you ever played BW?

The last time FS tried to fix the game, they broke it even worse, so that’s unironically good advice.


Aww no, we have reached Steam discussions-level of nonsense. :slightly_frowning_face:


No sorry I never played zealot or bw I’m in recruit, I take ironbreaker with shield because he tanks so well in recruit.

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I assume he’s talking about how the ult just straight up doesn’t cancel sometimes, even if your timing is fine. I don’t know if it’s ping or what, but I’ve had it happen on connections that are fine for every other input except for that one.

Trying to cancel your ult so you stay in place, but having it just go “lol no” and throw you way out of position or into a horde is a little annoying for sure, though I dunno what the fix would be. doesn’t seem to be as big of an issue with FK ult, maybe just slowing zealot down a little bit but making it go slightly further would help?

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I have never had this problem ever in something around 300 hours of playing Zealot.

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“I HaVe nEvEr”
I had my passive proc three times today while being knocked down at the same time as zealot

Then put up your block so you don’t get hit in the face.

Saying “you’re obviously not good enough and don’t have the gaming experience to understand my problem” is a child’s way of arguing, clinging to the idea that your experiences are somehow enlightened and that the only other people who are right are the ones who agree with you.

@LordGiggles probably got the closest to your issue as possible and recommends a potential solution. It’s a charge ability: if you want to use it, be ready to charge. Using a charge that grants you attack speed and expecting it not to charge is like using the Trueflight Volley on Waystalker Kerillian and expecting it not to shoot arrows.

Slayer/Bright-Witch jump to a point, so that’s not comparable.

have you ever played fk, no? I see

The only issue I have with it is that it’s awkward AF to block, launch your Ult, then quickly release then repress block to cancel the charge. This is what you want to be doing to ensure you’re blocking the whole time and still cancel the charge but it’s just jank to actually do.

If they changed the cancel charge button to be the same as the Ult button I’d have no complaints. Throw up block, double tap f/whatever it is on console and you’re golden.

Its not needed to block always you can push first and use ult often, zealot ult have low stagger through his trajectory. But yeah option to tap f as well as block would be nice