How do people cancel charge on Zealots ability?

Recently I’ve seen a lot of zealots using their ability without doing the charge(and no,they’re not charging into a nearby wall,they just use the ability and get the att. speed buff without the charge.)

Is this a bug or am I missing something here? I tried to reproduce this in the keep, but pressing two directional buttons,moving backward and looking straight up/down doesn’t work. I’d like to know how to cancel the charge because it’s often better just to get the att. speed buff without having to hope your charge will end up facing the horde instead of in the middle of it.

I haven’t played Zealot, but for the charge on Kruber and Kerillian you press right-click (or whatever your block is mapped to) after starting the charge and it will cut it short. I think that works for Zealot too :slight_smile:


Thanks,I’ll try to replicate that.

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Yeah, any charge/dash ability can be cancelled by blocking. You can even start it while blocking, let go, and re-block to stay safe and cancel at your whim.


This explains a lot,I often wondered why my Kruber charge was stopped short when I was panic blocking when cornered by a boss and horde.

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His charge in particular gets SO MUCH more useful with this! :smiley: Pressured at the front of a horde? Just knock 'em all down! It has quite a bit of reach on the knockdown, so enemies fairly far ahead of you will get affected.

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You have right click at the right moment. Just keep practicing in the keep until you get it. Don’t click right away though. There should be a very small delay between you pressing F and you right clicking to cancel.

all 3 charges can be cancelled at will by initiating a block during it, you can charge while blocking or even charging a heavy attack if you start the block/attack before pressing the charge button then release while actually charging. you can even do a push while charging

I will so try this… game changer…

I had the same question recently :smiley:
Sometimes its hard for me to properly time that “block” after I triggerd my zealot’s charge.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to simply add a loading bar for charges where you can alter the charging “travel time” depending how long you press it? :roll_eyes:

I don’t think so because what if you wanted to do a full charge but needed to do it immediately?