Hold LMB to continuously attack

Can we please have this? Or make it an option?

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devs, pls no,
sincerely the majority of the community,that knows about attack patterns, timed attacks and aiming in meele
(edit: before anyone wanna comment on this read my other answer below)


You can macro it. Google AutoHotKey if you don’t have a programmable mouse. I personally have a seperate button all together for LMB spam on my mouse. Why? Because all though macros are good to alleviate some spamming, they do limit you in your gameplay.

Perhaps the majority of the community should sample a class that can get attack speed well over what’s realized with a fast clicking speed, like Slayer with a concentration pot.

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You assume a lot in that statement, i know how to play. Anyway get back to me when your mouse stops working from excessive clicking. Also i said maybe make it an option for people who would rather play without it but like Layotees said try playing a dual dagger elf with swift slaying trait, attack speed stats and why not add a speed pot on top of that then talk to me.

Alright, you convinced me.
My only concern is that if they add this, and a new player comes and sees that he can massacre everything on recruit only holding one button, then he will hardly be able to play a meele class smartly on higher difficulties, using combos, block push/reset etc.
Also holding the mousebutton can ruin it too.(maybe even faster in my experience)

There is no need for this. It’s a bad habit to spam light attacks and you wouldn’t be able to heavy attack.


This can easily be implemented as an additional optional button. It would be helpful in some situations without hindrance.

It could be a new keybind, like how there is a jump/dodge, dodge only or jump only buttons, it doesn’t HAVE to be LMB, that would solve the ability to heavy attack.

Yep like I have, mid button is auto LMB.

why you clicking so much? you only need to click once for a swing not 50 times

And the game queues up your swings a bit so you don’t even need to press it at the first instant you can swing… Just roughly learn the timing for your weapon and it literally doesn’t matter in terms of hardware life or skill.

Edit: not to mention this would destroy charge attacks since they are used by holding left click… Also your speed potion example is literally a few seconds out of a whole map so… don’t see how that is killing your hardware that much.

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because there are weapons that attack very fast

attack queue is annoying and should be an optional feature

As i already said if you read my replies in this topic, it could be assigned to another button via keybinds, there is no reason for them not to add something like this. Also if you are playing with weapons that have high base attack speed you will be clicking a ton especially during hordes.

A separate button that spams light attack, but is interrupted by any other non movement action would be a great quality of life option. Spamming really fast attacks can’t be good for your hand.

yes please.

my glory days of gaming are behind me now, i’m old and i get carpal tunnel from spamming light attacks and thus have to resort to heavier charged weapons so i can play longer.

the pain is worth it, but if this were a tickbox in the options menu it would be awesome.

I refuse to use dual daggers/axes without a macro. 1h gameplay = 4h pain.

Except you don’t spam attacks… you watch for hits and attack or block as necessary… If you are a noob and/or overgeared for your difficulty you are just spamming left click 24/7 but that is pretty unrelated.

Like if they add an option for this I really don’t care – but you are actually gimping your progression by using it. The point of this game is realizing what attack to use when. Higher difficulty speaking, there are times where spamming left click (on certain weapons) is good, but they are pretty limited. A mix of attacking and blocking or charge attacking and attacking/block is almost always superior, especially when you are undergeared or on legend.

Again, to your dagger + swift slaying + speed pot mindset: daggers + swift slaying is fast attack speed, but really not unmanageable at all. Having a speed pot on top of that is something that happens a few times per map at most, and I would argue that for fast weapons like this a strength pot is better anyway for the damage and cleave.

I’m sure you will have some super “insightful” response to this but yea I wouldn’t count on this being added ever unless you or someone of a similar mindset mods it – but why do that when you can just use autohotkey like other people have pointed out. Mouse click-life is the least of your worry anyway, they tend to be good for much longer than your pc internal parts (which cost much more); besides, if you are using a hold to attack key I really doubt you will keep interest in this game long enough for it to matter.

Separate button for auto-attack and separate button for heavy attack :+1:.

We are in 2018 my mouse :mouse: has more buttons than my keyboard :musical_keyboard: I dont want to control everything by smashing one button.
And no, keybinder (even though my mouse can have macro to counter recoil in shooting games :speak_no_evil: ) is not a solution.

You don’t have to spam mouse as fast as you can… press the button when your next attack can be used…

If that is an issue try some finger stretches or something.

If you have arthritis then I don’t think action games are for you, but you can maybe get around it with clever macro usage.

there is a time and place for everything, and the times that i am not blocking, or evading, or heavy striking, and just want to full on auto, it would be nice if i can just do it without messing up my hand

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