Spam Clicking Not Comfortable

I do not like needing to click every time I want to shoot or swing a weapon, I would prefer to be able to hold down the mouse button and have my character automatically attack. Other games like Back 4 Blood have a setting that allows me to hold the shoot button with semi-automatic weapons and fire consecutively.

Also while we’re at it, there should be a setting to enable me to toggle my right click fire. I don’t like holding down the ADS button for long periods at a time.

Thank you for making this awesome game Fatshark, and happy holidays to whoever reads this.


Spamming light attacks is super unviable on any difficulty above Uprising. Just like in Vermintide 2, there’s only a few melee weapons where the main combo is spamming light attacks (1H axe, Dual Axes, Dual Daggers in VT2, and pretty much only 1H axes in Darktide from what I can tell).

Almost EVERY other weapon demands you to think about your combos to best fit the situation (do I need a sweep for a horde? A stronger sweep for a mixed horde with armor inside? An overhead for an elite right in front of me? You get the idea.) You’d be a hurting your team spamming light attacks on most weapons. NOT TO MENTION, there are moments where you need to block on a moment’s notice to get your last attack in without getting hit back immediately after in melee.

To give you a friendlier answer… Fatshark did state very clearly that mouse click macros are greenlisted from their anticheat for the very accessibility reasons you describe. Macros work better than that silly solution you suggested because you can create a left click spam macro that’s immediately canceled by another input that you desire, such as right click for blocking.

But I reiterate, unless you’re doing it for a weapon besides 1H axes and maaaybe the shovel and certain 1H swords, you’re only hurting youreslf.

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You need to relax dude. The guy/gal is just trying to enjoy the game and make it even more enjoyable for themselves and providing honest feedback.

Should have left your “not-friendly” answer at home and just posted your friendly answer.

I have the right to lack respect for someone’s suggestion. I informed them of a solution that’s relevant to them. I also took the time to give good advice. I understand that Ad Hominems are a very rude form of discussion, but mentioning a nearly indisputable fact about how their proposed solution would affect the gameplay and team isn’t an ad hominem; besides “liability” I didn’t call them anything else. You’re responsible for protecting your own feelings if you disagree with someone or don’t like their tone.

Actually, you don’t.
Go read the guidelines you clearly forgot you agreed to.

  • Name-calling
  • Ad hominem attacks
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content
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It’s questionable if “liability” rises to the level of name-calling. If it helps I’ll take it out. Meanwhile, you’re more blatantly breaking “Responding to a post’s tone.”

If you have to specify the “nice” part of your answer, you were being a jerk. Toodles~!

Also nice try with the DARVO method there.

This is less of a problem for melee weapons but I would definitely appreciate the ability to just hold down the button and fire semi-automatic guns like the kantrael at their maximum fire rate without having to click so much.

Having a built-in mouse macro for guns wouldn’t have the same cross-control issues that melee weapons do because you either shoot the gun, or you ADS, or you shoot while ADSing. Since actions like switching to your melee weapon have a higher priority there is no way you can “get stuck” while firing the gun.