Accessibility option for firing?

Hi, I’ve been playing the pre-order beta since it went up and I’ve realized I must be getting old because I’ve been having wrists and joints pain after the game. I’ve identified my main issue with semi-auto weapons because I need to do lots of clicks. Would it be possible to do something about it? If not, would it be against TOS to set up a macro so I can just hold down the mouse button instead of repeatedly clicking?

Anything else that could be done about this kind of things would be greatly appreciated.


Dude, there is no way a macro can be even detected. Just set up Macro and don’t ask devs for permission to use your hardware software. That’s what macros are for: to make your life easier.

I also would love an option for this, due to a disability of mine spamming clicks gets really hard for me, an option for “hold to auto-attack” for melee and semi-auto weapons would help a lot.
Also a second binding for commands would be nice, I had to rebind the attack button on the “Alt” key on the keyboard and occasionally due to muscle memory I still click to attack and obviously the character does nothing.

Following an advice of a long term CS competitive player, over 15 years ago (yes, 15 years ago)
I took the habit of rebinding primary fire/attack of every FPS/TPS game to spacebar.
My aim got better, no wrist pain ever again.

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