Rapidclick weapons hand strain


So i had been talking with a few friends and under a discussion of ours about things to mind while gaming one of them raise a point i found interesting.

He pointed out that weapon or actions that need you to spamclick heavily actually strain your hands,even having the possibility of causing an injury, something known as Repetitive Strain Injury .

This is actually something that can happen really easily if you play a lot, particularly something like elf shortbow, dual weapons on any character or just something that needs you to press a button like a madman in any game really.

So i wanted to ask, is it possible to let something like holding left or right mouse button to continuously attack instead of repeatedly clicking? At least for ranged weapons*

I think this would be really nice^^

Please consider or at least share a reason it cant be done, @Fatshark_Hedge

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Holding the button does a charged attack.

You can make a Macro for light Attacks.

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I know, i wasnt really holding any hope for melee but it would be nice if it could be done for ranged. ^^

Thing is from what i know, adding stuff like that can cause all manners of issues if the developers dont like them and detect them, worst case its deemed cheating and you get outright banned.

I´d rather take a safer path even if others have gotten away with it until now, id rather not wake up one day and find things have gone bad x)

It doesn’t

You should try diablo 3 to get get an alien hand…rofl