Please help with Carpal Tunnel

I know this would take alot to code, but my hands have seriously been breaking apart since Vermintide 1. This wasn’t an issue in Vermintide 2 as i made a mod that macro the light attack to repeat while holding down left click, but since darktide uses dedicated servers and has EAC im in pain again.

Im sure there some argument that it affects gameplay to make everything full auto, but pls help out the players with busted hands.


There’s already been few posts on the subject with no reaction whatsoever from Fatshark sadly.

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I’ve seen them, just want to add to the pile. Hopefully if people like me are loud enough and with enough support i would hope the devs would empathize how finger cracking when a horde appears doesnt feel awesome.

I think the semi auto guns are the worst.

its bad, especially the good one with and extended barrel. My favorite lasgun causes me physical pain

I use a semi-rapid-click macro using AutoHotkey for the same reason and it has yet to interact with EAC. Use it in multiple other games. If you have AHK experience it might help you out.


Ill look into it. Im not the best but my Frankenstein skills are pretty good

Looking into it AHK has like a 50/50 chance of triggering EAC.

Shouldn’t have to use a third-party macro just to not hurt yourself playing a videogame, I 100% agree that there should be more in the base game to help people who physically can’t click that much without hurting themselves.

I mean, even something that has a competitive scene like Overwatch lets you hold down the trigger for continuous fire on every character. I don’t see why that shouldn’t be the case in a co-op game like this.


So far my best chances besides using a script is buying an autoclicker on amazon