Auto light attack

My finger begs to be given a break. I want to hold the attack button and continuously light attack. Currently holding attack will auto heavy attack over and over. But I want that changed. My finger and hand are so uncomfortable. Mouse and controller is horrible. Please and thank you.

Highly recommend making an auto-clicker macro that works with your mouse’s software. Using the Logitech G Hub I made a basic macro that “clicks” my LMB every .2 seconds while I’m holding the thumb-button on my mouse. This way, I can easily spam into hordes without getting massive hand strain, but I can still do high-precision light and heavy attacks whenever it’s needed. It’s honestly been a lifesaver for the last 2 months, and I can’t believe I played thousands of hours in VT2 without it.

If you’re not comfortable doing that, I’ve seen people link Auto Hotkey Scripts in places like the Darktide Reddit. I’m not comfortable with having those types of applications on my PC usually, so I did it through my mouse software.

Also, Fatshark has said they’re OK with this if you’re worried about EAC stuff.

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Awesome thanks