Suggestion for weapons that require constant clicking

Why not have holding alt weap attack and mouse 1 do rapid clicking, thinking for like elf daggers sienna daggers and really anything that doesnt have an alt attack.

Will save RSI injuries and broken mouse buttons or AHK scripts to play the game with those weaps, if not holding alt fire actions are the same


Please add a dedicated ‘continuous attack’ button keybind.


I actually like this idea. Playing slayer w/ dual axes or DD elf can be exhausting. Especially in long games. However, it is not as simple as adding a button. The “keybind” would effectively have to be a macro programmed into the game. If such a macro is adding, you could easily qq and/or q cancel with near-perfect timing by holding down the button and spamming q. This may be something Fatshark is hesitant to add into the game.


But the issue there is Q spamming, not light attack spamming. Q spamming is an issue whether or not this continuous attack button is added or not.


What? Q spamming doesn’t do anything. You have to also time it with light attacks. Putting a light attack macro in the game would remove half of the requirements for QQ attacks.

My point is that, macro or not, the slayer jackhammer build is already a thing.
Not to mention, light attack macros are already a thing. This wouldn’t open up any possibilities that aren’t already there.
It’d just make it more convenient to not break your mouse while playing slayer or shade.


Well light attack macros are certainly there. That doesn’t mean Fatshark wants macros in the game. Also, there is a huge difference between DK w/ macro and DK without a macro. Also, you seem to be ignoring QQing.

Why are you against improvements, purely made for convenience? Do you heat your food at home over a fire as well?

Secondly, this is such a non-issue, because they could very easily implement a loop break when weapon swapping to prevent just this. Then we are back to scripts again, which is already being used.

I’m not against it. I’m just saying why Fatshark may not do it. I think it’d be great. I already use a macro for light attacks.

Ranged weaps are rate limited already and you cant qq some weaps bc reload required, some like repeaters will fire as fast as you click and swift now was changed to auto fire when held. Shouldn’t be a problem or be able to be exploited negatively imo. Maybe staffs but probably not also. Bc light spam isnt desired ever on any staff except sometimes on bolt which auto fires already

There is another thread about adding addtl weapon alt attacks so maybe best approach as mention above is a separate bindable key for auto click instead of alt attack

Nah, you can definitely exploit auto attack macros with quick-swapping. I’m not sure what you’re saying about ranged weapons, but you can definitely do it with melee weapons. Probably can with fireball as well, which is the only useful ranged QQ.

I dont use macros so idk but how does it work that you can benefit from qq swapping an auto attack? I imagine that it would be more dependent on how fast the initial attack is after switching weaps, and if that’s the case it doesnt matter how quickly the subsequent autoclicking attacks are, or you wouldn’t need to qq, right?

Also I main unchained with fireball, there is almost no delay when spamming charged shot and you build heat very fast, what is the benefit of qq shots? The normal non charged attack bc It is worse bc heat for damage tradeoff imo.

You’d just have to test it. That would be way easier than me explaining what makes it easier, I think. As far as Fireball staff, you use the light attacks for singular infantry targets. I.e. gas rats, leeches, and blight stormers. Also, if you want to kill an ambient mauler quickly or an infantry mob that snuck up behind you. In Cata 3, it’s impossible to kill a leech before it ports away without QQ’ing fireball.

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