Hold LMB to continuously attack

try dualdaggers, it’s still pretty damn fast lol

So devs shouldn’t place QoL features that other people ask for because YOU don’t wan’t to use them.
Games should all have to be patched up by 3rd party solutions.

Then use a macro… I seriously doubt they will add that to the game. Use what tools you want to help with the game, I don’t care. But I wouldn’t get your hopes up on this being added and if you go to higher difficulties you will probably find this habit to be counter-productive.

Eadine showing that we shouldn’t use the FEEDBACK forum to give FEEDBACK. Logic is here.

You can give whatever feedback you want. I’m just saying don’t count on it, and I think it will trap a lot of new players. I do not think it is a good idea.

birdman thinks people shouldn’t use a public FORUM to voice their OPINIONS. Logic is here.

It’s an opinion, which others share. It’s not a terrorist threat.
They implement it? They don’t? It’s their game.

Yet you are treating mine like one, nice dude.

Why should we have to resort to some other software when they could easily add this feature to the game?

And to your point about attacking and blocking etc of course you can still do those things with an auto attack button, i’m not really understanding where you’re argument against this is coming from? I guess you think it will cause you to lack skill? Anyway i play on champion and i do spam auto attack at trash hordes because that’s all it takes to kill them, I also know when to charge attacks and block/dodge, this game is not that hard to learn. All I’m asking for here is just a little QoL improvement that would be optional.

Try being less condescending btw, it’s never a good basis to debate someone.

Sure, you are knee-jerking negatives.
Make an argument that actually adds something for a change.

i’m already playing on legend, and understand almost all aspects of the game including maximum damage avoidance (personal rule is to try to have 0 damage taken on any game while maximising damage and cc), and know when each party member isn’t pulling their weight or what they can do to make the run smoother, so i know what i’m doing

it’s kinda like keybindings. why even bother to have a menu for keybindings? why not force everyone to use the default options?

coz customisation. it assists players to play comfortably, without breaking the game design.

i understand it’s not a priority, but insinuating an option for input assist will cause bad habits is like saying autocar drivers tend to be lousy drivers as compared to manual car drivers.

Good thing we are all legend players here right?
Spamming left click on rapier while dodging works quite well on champion and below as far as I can tell with my limited knowledge of the game. And if implemented correctly you’d still be able to block when you need to. Who gives a damn about my mouse… I’m trying to avoid repetitive strain injury. Not everyone here is in their teens. Hope that’s “insightful” enough for you.

Also why should I use 3rd party software, just to play the game comfortably while having fun?

Knee-jerking negatives? The fk does that mean?

A forum is defined as:
-An assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest.

You can’t get ragey that people’s opinions contradict yours. Argue against it. Pretty sure you can’t since you are just attacking me for attacking your view. If you had any good arguments you would type them instead.

Uh, it does not unless you are geared enough and very good at dodging correctly and with a team that understands jousting/scooting mechanics (which I’m sure is the case for whoever you have watched).

Edit: Just realized you said champion, not legend. Yes on champion you can just spam left click hordes (esp skaven hordes) when you are sufficiently geared. Champion becomes very easy once you have enough gear.

Read the thread instead of blindly trolling and you will see plenty of arguments, none made by you.
Read the forum guidelines before replying, there are rules that will help you turning your posts into something minimally useful.
Respect other players. Your condescending attitude is terrible and unfounded.

Read my post. I will TL;DR it for you:

  1. I do not care if they add this feature.
  2. I do think it will be detrimental to the growth of new players, which is why I think it should not be added
  3. I also doubt it will be added so I think you shouldn’t get your hopes up and utilize other software if you really want it

Extending on my second point: you all think it will not be an issue as an added option. However, I think it will propagate through new player guides and stream chats to be an “essential option” which actually limits their growth.

Yes, my original post was pretty condescending in retrospect, my bad. But that does not mean it is trolling or has no arguments. I apologize to the OP and others if I offended them.

To @birdman, however; I don’t care if I am condescending to you. You are either a troll or don’t understand what an argument is. People present their opinions. I presented mine. You got butthurt. Now you are mad because I didn’t agree with you. Get over it. Feel free to read my posts to understand the agruments I presented, which I conveniently tl;dr’d for you at the top of this post. You should probably go back to le Reddit where you only have to read opinions that agree with the topic.

Post? A few fallacies with the occasional “you play like a noob”. It must be great for your debates with CS:GO kids.

I don’t have to be patient with people that show up just to tell everyone they are the best, ever. I won’t get offended by your shittalking to me. I get offended by your childish attitude toward other people who have much better sense than you.

You defend your point of view with a totally unrelated observations. It’s NOT about gameplay. No one, but you, ever wrote about switching entirely to continuously attack. It’s QoL.
I wrote that spamming daggers for many games hurts my fingers. Your position is that not only that click rate is easy but you also provided medical diagnose. Really. There’s no response to that other than a fu & gnite.

This is as stupid as when people defended PUBG for having a VERY wide sound amplitude range and making people mute sound or get deaf. A few months later they patched it out. But no, it’s perfectly reasonable that games should make you give 100% of your physical capability.

Again you don’t refute my arguments. Point proven. See you next rage thread.

Edit: notice them ninja edits


after reading this thread i realised that i should be able to bind an alternate keyboard key to attack. (i think there’s alternate keys, can’t check cos at work)

i can learn to use it to spread the load out btw my two hands. haha.

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