Hit 30 on my psyker last night

Started with 14 million dockets and 57k coins. Ended with 7 million dockets and 45k coins. That was just from trying to get a good voidstrike staff, IV saber, and some curios. To give an idea of how utterly RNG this system is - I bought 247 voidstrike staffs at once and 244 of them were below 372. Also, if you want to save yourself around an hour of time when doing this precise thing - download this

It buys the weapon you selected until the specified rating is acquired. You set ithe specified rating in the mod options and you set an END keybind to stop it. You must use the end keybind or the mod will not sell selected items back to the vendor after. You can set to discard any weapon below a certain item level. So if you set it to 372, and set it to discard anything below 350, it will buy weapons until you get a 372, and then sell everything below 350. Very useful and saves a ton of time. Yet another thing fatshark could implement but modders out here doing fatsharks job with no compensation.


Buy Until Rating is a lifesaver, but only because FS system is so horrifically evil and malicious in the first place. I wouldn’t want FS to implement something like BUR mod. I want them to remove Brunt and the RNG and the locks entirely, removing the reason for something like that mod to exist in the first place.


Never really bothered going for ‘perfectly rolled’ weapons anyway. It’s a waste of time. Just got used to making mediocre stuff work.

Stopped interacting with the crafting system a long time ago. I sometimes check Melk but even that is a waste of time. Thankfully Psyker has enough dmg buff talents to make most weapons work.

I can’t wait to spend my 150k plasteel and be disappointed by the ‘itemization overhaul’.


Yeah I only did this because I had been playing my Zealot for so long I had tons of extra materials. Wouldn’t of bothered otherwise

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Oh by the way, @brosgw this one is for the memorial I believe. Unless Cosmo is already a member.


Welcome #533.

You and your thread added to the war effort.

Ps-save your resources until later this year when they make crafting changes.

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