A way to sell a lot of equipment at once

I’m not sure if I’m missing something but I don’t think we have a way to sell a lot of equipment at once. I usually farm about 500k at a time to take my luck on white weapons. I got tons of weapon that I have to resell and it’s annoying having to sell them one by one.

Can we at least be able to auto sell all weapons (of a specific type) below certain modifier score? For example, sell all XYZ swords below 340 modifier. Just an idea.

Thank you


Obligatory “There’s a mod for that” comment.
Well, there’s a mod for that.


Having tried it myself, I would say that buying a load of whites from Brunt is just throwing a load of cash into a blender. Chances of getting a good 370+ with the right rolls is exceedingly low, and then if course you’ve got to splurge plasteel in the hopes of getting more lucky rolls.

You’re likely better off keeping that cash and buying good blues/greens/whites when they appear in the shop.

In my opinion.

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hey thanks for the info. I’ll try that out!

I’ve gotten some great results with it. If waiting for shop to refresh, my bank account will be overloaded.

When will they redo this awful gearing system. Just make weapons a flat price that you can grind for. 1 million dockets for a 380 rated weapon.

ngl, their current system makes me play more often. because I keep thinking I can roll better! LOL

It’s really frustrating that the devs rely on modders to fix so many QoL issues.

This one is really basic. It should just be in the game.


very true


I can send you images of about 20-30 top end items across my 4 avatars that I developed courtesy of brunt white/green/blues. I will if you’d like? :slight_smile:

RNG is just that. You likely spent 6,000,000 dockets. I probably spent 500,000. Admittedly over a period of several weeks/months, and courtesy of the browser-shop plug in. Guess it depends on your free time.

But I know from trying to build a top end plasma gun how much you have to spend at Brunt to even get a 370; then some more for the right stats balance, and THEN you still have to roll some lucky outputs at Hadron.

That the difference. If you prefer constantly checking the shop for a long period, that’s fine but I don’t. I spent 500,000 in an instant trying to get the desired weapon.

And I spent 1,000,000 and didn’t :wink:
Ive an old post somewhere on here about it.

RNG. Which is why I never buy unknown stuff from Brunt any more. And why I don’t buy mystery items from Melk.

Guess I’m just adverse to gambling :grin:

That is so weird. I saw another person posting about the RNG system. I just don’t get it. I can easily get 370+ modifiers all the time. Running Auric a few games, I’ll have around 300k+ and I’ll go take my chance in the casino. I kinda enjoy that LOL

You’re lucky. Other people are not. That is RNG. Any advice that boils down to “get lucky” isn’t only unhelpful, but also, intentionally or not, trying to downplay any and all concerns other people have about the system.

I understand your point. Let me know what you think about the system below?

  • At lvl 30, Brunt only gives 340+ modifiers
  • 50% chance for 340-360
  • 30% chance for 361-370
  • 15% chance for 371-379
  • 5% chance for 380.

Would that be acceptable?

The “problem” with Fatshark RNG is that it is actually proper, true to the name RNG.
Most companies actually lie about their systems and have stealth mechanics for the RNG to tip it in the players favor to be less unfair.

The entirety of the Fire Emblem Series going forward from the 6h installment have a double roll system. If one out of two dice roll checks succeeds, it’s a success.
Dark Souls (and all other From Soft games from Dark Souls onwards) have a counter that counts every time a gear item didn’t drop on enemy kill. When that happens, it increases the drop chance of gear incrementally with every kill, until gear has finally dropped.

Fatshark uses no such grace features. Here you have the raw RNG, so if you are the unlucky sod who gets 100 misses in a row, you simply must endure it.

They put in RNG protection once, in VT 2 you can’t roll the exact same property combination in the exact same order (A+B) consecutively any more. But you can roll B+A immediately after, or roll A+B every other roll.

There is this.

But I disagree (mathmatically) that this is a true RNG roll. You’re immediately weighted in to the (?) 310+ category once you’re at level 30. That’s a good thing IMO - don’t get me wrong - but it isn’t random. Why would Brunt randomly have better gear for you? Park that - that’s clearly there to make the progression better.

But then I think behind the scenes, we all know that we’re rolled on a scale up to 100, but then it’s pared back to 80 max for the current difficulty balancing. You often trip 80s in categories - more so that statistical chance would dictate - while other traits trail then behind. If it was 80 max, you’d get far more mid 70s across the board.

Then lastly, I think we also know that some blessings are deliberately more “rare” than others. LimbSplitter is more common than others.

All this … bleh. Guess it’s just close to my heart.

What I hate though is that we’re gambling. I don’t mind luck - something turns up and you can choose to buy it (Brunt shop) - but I hate that you put down 13000 credits (/whatever) and get very different outcomes each time. It’s gambling. And FS are leeching our time.

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That’s a different type of bad luck protection. While narrowing the range is one form, one that Mayson and I talk about is guaranteeing a result every x number of rolls, a pity system of sorts, like every 10 rolls without a 370+ will give you a guaranteed one on the 11th. I don’t really consider bounded ranges to really remove RNG’ness, since every roll is still completely independent and there’s nothing tracking your results to give you a good result every now and then.

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