Brunt's Armory... Are you kidding me

Is this a joke? No seriously, is this the Devs saying “suck on this you bunch of babies”?
There’s no logic to the order of the weapons, variants of the same type are placed apart, I can’t even see what the differences between the Marks are… And ofcourse, I still get a randomly generated gun each time.

This is worthless and quite frankly insulting. It’s the worst way they could have adressed the issues about the shop… If this is the quality level of upcoming fixes I suddenly became VERY pessimistic about the future of this game…



Well yeah the wondrous flowery language about it deflated in the reveal where we found out it was added so players still leveling can actually try weapon X today and not in whatever indeterminate length of time RNG deems engaging and rewarding. Said engagement is still needed for something worth a damn, now obfuscated by them nerfing the blessings blue armory exchanges have. I will never pull something like that 380 T3 Headtaker MK2 Taxe ever again.


If the generated had on average +50 rating it would have been a cool addition.

The way it works now it is only viable if you try to farm blessings.

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How is it “worthless” to be able to buy exactly the item type you want? Clearly that provides a rather dramatic increase in value over the pure RNG shop of the past where you might not even see a Sapper Shovel for a week (and super rare if it happens to have good enough attributes to be worth buying in that old system).

Meanwhile I was able to get a Maul+Shield and Power Maul to max with only about 5 missions each (although I think you could increase this to ~10 each if you count the ordos I had stockpiled, since I’m seeing about 20k ordos per mission and buying ten Power Mauls wasn’t quite enough to get the couple 360+ ones I needed, due to a bad perk roll on the first one).

Some people seem like this is just a permanent attitude they have where they’ve decided the devs can do nothing right. Personally I think people should have both a more nuanced stance, and one willing to accept new evidence.


Let me paraphrase:

Ok then.


You’re right, as a rather casual player I DON’T understand all the differences between all the marks and no I won’t be bothered to buy one of each and study their differences and remember their samesy names. Just SOME indication of the differences in the shop would be much appreciated.

And yes, you’re right again, I’m so sick and tired of everything just being a Random Button. Though to be fair I bought exactly one thing in that mess of a shop and decided I can’t be bothered. My current gun is fine, it kills things, I can’t be bothered with spending time on all these half-arsed features. If you like pressing the Random Button a bazillion times that’s great for you, keep at it you little champion. For me personally at this point they can just rip the whole crafting and buying system out and give everyone the exact same gun…

And yes, it literally is Fatshark’s fault for making such a dreadful and unengaging system :wink:


Brunt Armory will help you with :

  • getting a weapon you unlocked and that is not present in rotation while you level up if you wish to try it
  • getting a weapon with decent base stats not present in rotations for a higher cost (as for now, about 10% chance for a 360+, so 100 000-300 000 ordo dockets depending on stat repartition).

TLDR: it is a mitigation for weapons that dont drop in normal rotations. Otherwise it is not cost efficient.

Even casually, I would advise that you try several Mks until you find the one you enjoy most, because they differ a lot.
Maybe we will have an option to look at a"psykhanium_attack_pattern.gif" while mousing over light/heavy/special attacks chains eventually, which I agree would be much nicer.


also mitigates blessing woes - rarer items (ie class specific whatever), particularly ones with large blessing pools, will be harder to fill your blessings inventory than anything else. this will help there - level up poor items as blessings fodder.


True. That will require a large amount of resources, though. I’ll probably keep an eye on purples from Melk and greens from normal rotations instead.


i’m testing green items from the store which i suspect strongly is the most plasteel efficent grinding route. i like a lot that there are a lot of strategies to get these blessings - eg store, milks, brunts, milks scratchoffs if you’re foolish.

At the point where you’re calling non-worthless things “worthless”, how is Fat Shark supposed to act on your feedback? (Which at this point feels completely like a lie.)

As players have explained: if you use this system, you’ll get the item you want quickly. In only a few rolls, you’ll get a 360+ version of the item (I want to say it’s like ~8 rolls on average). Then with only like ~5 damnation runs worth materials you can max that item out. I’ve done it many times now. It’s not a complicated system (although skill is involved in taking the optimal number of steps to reach good items without wasting your materials, so you should just be careful about that)

This Reddit post provided a good basic guide on minimizing missteps (it’s mostly about when to upgrade rarity, as Brunt’s Armory itself isn’t really a problem; you just spend 5-10 Damnation runs worth of Ordos on a new item type you want and you’re set.)


Well, the entire gear system is a gangrenous joke, so yes, in that sense it is a joke. But Brunt is actually the only part that has some redeeming quality.


What they unironically need to do is give the option to test all of the weapons out in that training room, by making one variant of each available that can be only used in the training room.
Then you can test them all out.

In general, the differences between the weapons is as follows…
→ Burst fire
→ Semi-Automatic firing
→ Automatic fire slow but strong
→ Automatic fire fast but weak

→ Different combo variations
→ Cleave oriented weapon style
→ High damage single entity focussed weapon style

In some cases the differences between them are also different stat modifiers so you can have a different build. For instance, one of the Rapiers has a cleave modifier allowing more enemies hit, while another has the defence stat extending dodge range and movement bonusses.


And I’d wager that 80,000 of the over 100,000 people who played the game came to the same conclusion.

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I think there’s a good chance that if there was some sort of RNG protection that guaranteed a 360+ weapon out of every 10 purchases that we wouldn’t be having this conversation, (at least to this length). Your Brunt’s average is not my average thus far–I haven’t seen a 360+ weapon from that yet.

Thankfully the other shops have been coming through for me. Not the weapon I was looking for, but I’m happy to at least be able to play around with some other solid weapons.


In how many rolls? Because I just rolled ~30 times on Catachan IV and got six 360+. Which is an average of every 5 rolls. 30 isn’t a huge sample size, but it’s consistent with what I’ve seen in the past.

I can honestly say out of 30 rolls I haven’t gotten a 360+ voidstaff. Also not a huge sample size, but it’s RNG–you know it’s happening for some people.


I love this change. So i cancel you out.

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Dude, 30 rolls? You’re shutting down someone that is a casual player for complaining about systems that punish casual players, while you use “I was able to find something I wanted after spending over $100k” in dockets as proof that he’s… a liar? What?

I think you’re missing the point of this post just so that you can defend an RNG system that literally does not need to be an RNG system in the first place. If you want to gamble, go to Vegas. For those that only have so much time to play video games, maybe we don’t want to have to grind maps over and over again (the same limited maps that are also RNG dependent, as are the modifiers, etc.) just to have the materials to maybe get something you were after.

If you want to white knight for these horrible systems, fine, but pretending that casual players need to effectively git gud because they don’t want to waste their free time with arbitrary RNG systems is childish.