Hilarious to see veteran going from elf class to worst one

It’s depending on build.

It’s not a 5% refresh time, it’s a chance to replenish nade, can be triggered or can be not. Meanwhile for psyker it’s guaranteed 5% cooldown reduction on elite/special kill. Add here that psyker kills elites/specials faster or atleast at the same speed as vet, he can farm that CDR pretty well.

Well don’t know what to say, maybe it’s personal, maybe depends on graphics effects being turned on/off, like bloom or reflextions. I personaly can see through the dome.

Yeah, I didn’t word it correctly, it’s 5% chance of full 60s CD reduction vs constant small reductions.

I have most stuff of or low.
There’s a physiological response in your eyes where seeing brighter lights will tighten your pupil sphincters making it harder to see darker places. Where as smoke doesn’t affect brightness as much, hence it is easier to acquire targets.

The question I have, have you even fought in smoke nade? I had more issues knowing whether I am in smoke or not than seeing it.

I’ve found this as well. The only times I’ve found smoke to be an obstruction, it’s because of the environment lighting - maybe it’s my graphics settings, but the start of Refinery Delta has some obnoxious lighting coming through holes in the roof that gets made worse by the smoke

I think some areas where there’s a change significant change in brightness, the smoke can be an issue but I’d have to re-test it to be sure.

Well constant 5% reduction works just better than 5% chance. Sometimes it’s roll and you can spam it, sometimes it doesn’t and you can’t, while with dome it just spamable in every encounter.

Yet again, loosing anti elite krak for smoke nades is questionable, especially if your gun isn’t anti elite thing, and it’s make your way towards Survivalist aura 1 node longer wich is crucial for vet, his best nodes are all deep in the tree like Determined and Rending Strike

You mean in melee? Yeah, when you are inside the smoke cloud is’t thick at all.

I clearly see why and tbh the nerf doesn’t impact really the efficiently of this weapon.

The Power Sword was in an okay place pre-patch, I thought. Enemy HP was brought up, which would naturally reduce it’s effectiveness. Blessing changes reduced the top end of its effectiveness. Lowering the damage after all that seemed unnecessary.

Looking at the patch notes, I’m more surprised to see that an 80% roll did 360 damage with heavy attacks. Without blessings or special attack, it never felt like it hit for as much as that

The light attacks are still pretty limp (except the Strikedown on the Mk6).


That sums quite well up why the powersword is now just at the bottom of the melee weapon list for the vet. Antax v already outperformed it clearly before patch and now (after Antax v was even buffed!) it even outperformed by devils claw on anything but crushers.

BUT as the chainsword was buffed and finally is in a good place I am happy. Boring mundane pseudo medieval axe outperforming badass sci-fi power swords even more then before - would be sad if I wasn’t so busy sawing heretics into peaces in the name of the emperor.

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Just got around to checking my inventory and… I knew I wasn’t crazy.

Based on the new damage range, I should be 14.4 damage short of 270… but where the heck is 270?

Powered heavy attack numbers don’t add up either. 194 → 337 for flak bodyshots, 174 → 261 for unarmored bodyshots. Am I missing something obvious here? Unless the base damage in the patch notes assumes 100% Cleave Damage or something like that, I’m really really confused as to arrive at 270

What blessings are people running in the catachan sword?

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I haven’t used the Devil’s Claw with my Veteran yet, but I’ll probably go Shred and Rampage/Wrath; it has massive crit damage (2.5x regular crit, 3.5x weakspot crit), and with Rampage now giving Power, I’m hoping that will be enough cleave.

Also, for what it’s worth, parrying bosses (especially Chaos Spawn) is fun. I think it’s possible to chain all of his 3-attack combo and get easy headshots

Tested the veteran. Plenty of possibilities. Voice of command is good for a support role. I really would like that we see an effect, cause actually it is like I click a button and nobody knows it…

Just to say it, I would hate to see the bolter returns to the state it was before. It was really OP. Same for the PS. So, the changes are welcome.
The talent tree has lot of potential.

things that need a fix/change in veteran tree are, in my opinion:

  • stealth cooldown should be reduced
  • smoke grenade needs to be somewhat useful
  • voice of command needs have an effect

Other than that, I love the possibility to get a half ranged half melee gameplay. I love the voice of command ability (however it is, again, a little unimpressive). Nades are good (except smoke one).

Really the class is well balanced now.

however, ammo reduction is something unneeded for the game.

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I agree with many of the points made here.
I tried to approach the current veteran “issues” in this thread:

Feel free to add your ideas there. Maybe we can come up with something solid :slight_smile:

shred & devastating strike, only cause I happened to roll t4 of the latter. like @dumlefudge said, I’d like to test out shred & rampage.

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Vet just gets better ranged toughness regen options. 2.5 would just be a waste of a skill.

Confirmed kill is 20 times the toughness gained, right next to bring them down/superiority complex and iron will. All great skills. Works on ranged and melee kills

Exhilarating take down is 6 times the toughness gained and on the marksman tree if you are heading for the final talents. Also gives free damage resistance.

It’s not about % here, but about toughness regen being part of the playstyle and more options.

Ogryn can generate toughness being afk with Lynchpin or just hitting things, zealot - just being near enemies, psyker - peril generation, warp attacks, peril vent, maybe just on breathing too.

What i would like to see is something like this:

If i take a shotgun for hyperaggresive close combat style so i need to move a lot. What do i need for toughness?

  • x% Toughness damage reduction during sprint when shotgun equiped
  • while sprinitng x% stamina converting to y% toughness. (like every 5% stamina spent gives 1,5% toughness)

What shotgun, bolter and maybe revolver could benefit from? Toughness for stagger.

What every gun can benefit from too? 2,5% (example numbers) toughness on reloading for every 10% magazine spent.

So vet shouldn’t need to compete with his team for kills just to generate toughness.


Also the good toughness regen nodes are buried deep within the exclusive parts of the tree for veteran, while the decent options for all the other archetypes are near the top.


Been playing vet a bunch more to test different things out. A few random observations:

  • Power sword indeed feels awful now. Even the energized hits don’t have the same impact, and the result is that stragglers are left alive so you don’t have as much space to activate it safely again. Non-energized hits are terrible. I think this is mostly due to the slaughterer nerf.

  • I’ve had more success in building a tougher a vet by ignoring trying to go down far or all the way in the bottom trees. It’s just too expensive. Even getting the +25% ammo doesn’t really feel worth it. Instead, I go pretty wide through the tree to pick up a lot of utility skill along the way and stack multiple sources of toughness regen.

  • Scavenger is the only useful aura and pretty necessary, but also feels pretty weak. Scavenger should be made into an easily reachable passive skill and then all of those aura skills should be buffed a little more. They are just terribly uninteresting right now.

  • The command ability isn’t a bad idea, but it suffers from the problem where its main benefit is to help a team that’s already struggling as opposed to boosting power to avoid getting into a bad position in the first place. I think the command ability should be made into something more impactful damage wise as a team buff. Reviving teammates instantly could be a sub-node off of it.

  • Overall, there are great skills across the whole tree, but those bottom branches bury it all in a pretty inaccessible manner.

  • The absence of keystone talents is telling. It does feel like vet is missing the same spice and “cool factor” as the other classes.

Having said all of this, I don’t think the vet is that underpowered overall. Maybe it’s on the lower end of the classes now, but power wise it’s okay. It’s just that the builds that are good don’t feel all that exciting or interesting to play.

Last - am I the only one or does going into infiltration not provide any visual effect?


While PS did get a nerf that (IMO) was not necessary, I think the Slaughterer nerf just goes to show how hard that blessing was carrying weapons. You can feel it similarly on the Illisi, although not to the same extent, since that has strong crit/weakspot to fall back on - the Power Sword doesn’t have the multipliers or blessings (AFAIK) to make that work.

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The Recon las is not that good, guys. It got buffed for sure but anyone saying the thing is even half as good as the Veteran builds of old is delusional. Voidstrike Psyker beats it, Ogryn with incen beats it.

The Vet having viable melee focused builds is also not a valid alternative to its more ranged focused builds of the past. The Zealot class already exists. It’s fine that it has melee-focused branches, but the best builds on the Veteran class should be ranged-focused, and it’s not the case.

The class needs a lot of tweaking. It’s a shriveled husk of what it once was. There is potential. I can see what FS was trying to do with some of its potential builds, but they hedged like crazy fearing the FPS bros would play the game for a laugh and easily dominate with precision weapons. It’s so damn obvious.

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I’ve written a post about what I would consider the main problem Nodes on the Vet talent tree if anyone wants to check it out:

Veteran Talent Tree: Problem Nodes and Hostile Design