Higher network upload speeds than 2mbit/s please?

I have no idea why the maximum allowed setting is the miniscule 2mbit/sec (about 250kb/s)…
Why isn’t this Drastically higher for those of us who have way better internet than that and want to host at good speeds for our friends?

Holy crap I never realized the max on this was so slow, definitely read it as bytes and not bits…

What would you need the additional bandwidth for? The game is only sending small packets with position and status information, 2mbit is probably overkill as it is.

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Yea, most games don’t even use of 100Kbps. Look at your network speed while playing Battlefield or games with 40+ people on a server. You barely get anywhere close to 1Mbps. Actually, as a matter of fact, I use to play BF3-4 in Bermuda with only a 1Mbps connection…

To be fair, here in Sweden, I could be uploading at 100Mbps with my current connection. but what is the point? lol. And if I really wanted, I could grab a 1GB connection for only a few euros a month. But why? lol

I’ve had some interference clear up after requesting my hosts to up their rate closer to 2mb, but at that setting I’ve rarely if ever had issues so I think it’ll be just fine. I do find it bothersome that the setting defaults to low with no feedback to the user however and is a bit obscure to find for some people. Everyone I show the option to is generally surprised it even exists. Something that draws more attention to upload bandwidth might make people with high-rate uncapped internet swap more.

The default setting has caused some stutter for me and friends before D:

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