Higher Difficulty, More Enemy Mechanics

Dear Fatshark,

I enjoy this game very much! I have given over 400+ Hrs into the game now and almost completed every penance there is (Minus the ones that are not yet in the game yet like Flash Missions). I like to thank you for making a great 40k game in years, though, it still has many flaws I still love it.

In V2 I loved that map “Enchanted Lair” where you fight the final boss and the mechanics of the room were fairly simple and straightforward - avoid scorched earth, deal with minions, and then pile damage on the boss when he teleports to the middle. Rinse and Repeat. It wasn’t until you get to the final phase where things become intense. Combining all the mechanics into one; facing the final boss and dealing with his attack patterns and at the same time dealing with the scorched earth happening beneath your feet. And to top it off fend off minions coming from all corners. It was a great and hectic fight.

Another great map was “Skittergate” although it was a long map it was fun at the end where you had to deal with 2 bosses in 1 fight.

I can keep going on with the designs and feel of V2. So when I was thinking of Darktide I was really hoping we would get more fights like that in V2. But after playing and beating all the maps on ‘Damnation’ I have to say… it felt very basic and there was not a lot of thought put into the fights like in V2.

I have a suggestion regarding higher difficulty, whether it be on Damnation or a new difficulty in the future.

Daemonhosts in the game right now really easy to avoid and there is no reward for killing such a great addition to the game. I feel like they are a wasted potential. That being said here are some suggestions below

  • Make the DaemonHost slowly patrol through corridors or areas of where she spawns. For lore purposes she would still be chained, but only roaming around.
  • Another different idea for the Daemonhost is instead of making her taggable with a yellow outline. Make it so she’s untaggable and fill the room/area around her with thick fog. I know there is a slight fog around her already in the game, but make it even more fogged up to the point where it completely fills the entire room she occupies.

Mini Bosses
Beast of Nurgle
Awesome design of this boss!

  • Make it so they are able to heal when players. Also make them heal more when eating trash mobs, it will add an additional mechanic to make the players to have the beast of nurgle stay away from hordes.

Plague Ogryn
This guy is real easy to fight. It’s hard for me to say what to do to make him more challenging

  • Make it so he leaves a stench or has an plague aura that gives corruption or damage
  • When he reaches 1/3 or 1/4 of his hp he enrages and attacks faster.

Final bosses of Assasination
These guys are so easy and I was surprised to see that they were all the same fight in Damnation. Hack’n’Slash until shields gone and then proceed to attack boss until dead.

  • Add a teleporter mechanic like that of the boss in Skittergate and have him switch to his range weapons shooting players.
  • Add modifiers to the boss like that in V2 where the mini-bosses had shadow-step, short invincibility, etc.

There also needs to be more spawn locations for the the mobs. When an event starts, people tend to figure out where the horde spawns and camps the area to kill them all. The map in itself needs more spawn locations especially where an event starts. The players need to feel like their surrounded by enemies. An example is the map for “Refinery Delta-17” this map is where you have to destroy the heretic’s plans on creating a pathogen. At the end of the map in the final event everyone knows the horde spawns in the middle. Players would just camp there and kill the horde through the door and then on occasion there would be some ranged units spawn on the side. It’s just too choreographed and predictable.

These are just some ideas. If anyone else is reading this post. Please throw some ideas! I’d love to see and read other people’s suggestions on what we can do to make this game better! Thanks for reading see you in the morningstar.

For the Emperor!

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I agree in general with what you’re saying, not with Daemonhosts being a more frequent boss as they are right now. Currently those are a map hazard that exist to either down players or cost resources to stop. They’re not really tuned as a boss fight and the loadouts to deal with them are limited. Even when those fights go well they dish out a lot of corruption damage very quickly. Although I’d be all for them retuned as a regular boss and not a room hazard. The more boss types the better imo.

I suspect we’ll see more boss types overtime, probably one of them will be a teleporting sorcerer type. At least I hope so. I was surprised they didn’t have a Skittergate style map with a big boss fight at the end when the game launched.