High rates of enemies either spawning directly behind or on top of player characters

Issue Description:
Monsters, enemies, elites, anything and everything can now spawn on a player’s position or directly in front or behind them with no forewarning outside of any audio cues that are supposed to play (which by that point the monster has already 1 shot you because it spawned in on you mid-swing ready to kill you

Steps to Reproduce:
Just play the game and watch for enemies and their spawn locations, this seems to happen a lot when there are “tunnels” or “layers” to the pathways where you can take more than one approach to reach the destination. The monster or enemy, will spawn on you thinking it’s spawning the monster way above you but it just spawns the monster right on top of you.

Map Name (If Applicable):
The new azgaraz maps this happens very very frequently, Garden of Morr this happens when you’re jumping down into the graveyard, a monster can spawn directly above the overpass there and just instantly wipe you if you decide to go ahead too quickly (any other situation where you can have enemies spawn directly above you this happens as well). Enchanter’s lair this happens ALL THE TIME, you can round a corner and an entire pack just spawns on top of you instantly killing you because 40 skavenslaves all stacked on each other all just simutaneously attacked you. These aren’t the only maps that this occurs on but this has been happening WAY WAY WAY more frequently right not it’s making me wonder what changed? This has been an issue in the past but it has never been the agregious. I would recommend making it so enemies just can’t spawn on the map at this point in time as it can be an instant game wipe if a monster just spawns on the team while they’re stacked, and since it can swing midspawn it’ll just wipe everyone with no warning.


Player ID:

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
Multiple instances but most recently 2100 7/31/23 -6gmt

Reproduction Rate:
Common (<50%) )

Upload Supporting Evidence:
I’ll try to get a video of it happening but it’s one of this that you’re not really expecting it to happen until it happens.

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