Strange enemy spawns

When you play a game you try to develop a strategy to predict enemy behavior. For example: windows are a problem, because the enemy can enter through them. The same with doors, holes in the wall.

But you do not expect them to spawn from thin air. Well, that is happening in the game now and it’s annoying.

I saw it on The magnus Tower Map. You begin ny turning right, then right again. You kill some monsters and run up a steep stair. Inside there more monsters to kill.
To the right of the exit, there’s a corner. One of my teammates were standing with his back against that corner, trying to fend of some monsters. Suddenly, one monster, I do not know the name of it (red, spear, hat) spawned right behind him from thin air.
It should not happen. I understand that monsters do not exists and therefore you have to spawn them, but it should not happen in such a way. First, spawning should not be visible for players because it makes the gameplay less “realistic”. It looks really stupid. Second: it makes it virtually impossible to develop game strategies.
I hope somebody at fatshark reads this and tries to figure out a solution.
Thank you very much!

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