By Sigmar, enemies spawned directly on top of me!

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Bug Encountered/Frequency
Hi FatShark developers, I encountered an issue today playing on “The Enchanter’s Lair” on Legend with 3 (random) people after the 4.2.1 update. I was dealing with a horde of chaos behind 3 of my teammates when suddenly enemies appeared out of nowhere and almost shanked me. I feel this shouldn’t happen.

Thankfully, Vermintide 2 has made me paranoid 24/7 during both my gaming and non-gaming life and honed my cat-like reflexes to never-before seen levels, which ended up saving me.

Steps To Reproduce
It’s not really something I’m able to control to reproduce. I’ve been hit by enemies behind me before after killing what I thought was everything, and always attributed it to me just not fully cleaning up after myself. However, this happened today and I’m beginning to have second thoughts.

I’ve uploaded a video of the issue happening here -

Other Notes
This one can be annoying for sure. It’s hard to tell when it’s happening, especially when the enemies appear behind you. But I have on video now an instance of enemies spawning directly in front of me, and in a hallway to my right where my teammates were just a moment ago. You can clearly see I take a quick glance in the hallway to look at my teammates before I begin firing more arrows at a horde, and then one spawns in front of me, and two more spawn in the clearly “clean” hallway I looked at not seconds ago. Additionally, while I didn’t capture it on video, we all had green ping to each other during this mission, so connectivity didn’t seem to be a problem.

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