Hey CM's, are we going to get comms today?

There was a chance that there was going to be some sort of messaging coming out today. Honestly, I don’t believe it will, but it would be really great if we could get some communication so we can manage our own expectations, since they aren’t being managed for us.

There hasn’t been a CM post on these forums for more than a day that hasn’t been closing post threads. So you’re all probably busy doing… I honestly have no idea, but whatever it is you do.

So, straight forward question that only requires a one word response. Are we likely to see comms go out today, yes or no?

It’d be great to get an answer so we can all go about our days and do other things, safe in the knowledge that it’ll be yet another week until we might hear anything.



They won’t give comms because they can’t keep their word and have to be careful not to keep dropping themselves in it so they have to be extremely careful and only get permission from on high to say some vauge idea of what’s gonig to happen.



This is becoming a meme

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But ultimatively it may be this:


Yeah considering CMs have been silent for 3 days now, I figure they’ve decided there’s no way to defend the game, and the devs aren’t interested in fixing their gacha exploitative ‘design intent’, so better to not say anything at all.

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So when do we all start getting hyped for DARKTIDE 2?! I hear DARKTIDE 2 will have more crafting features and maybe a scoreboard. If I have to rebuy all my premium cosmetics I guess that’s okay, so long as I can do broody emotes in the hub while I wait for Hadron to pound me (and the shop to refresh!!!)


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One thing I learned (what I actually should have learned from VT2) is never buy a FS game in future in the first batch - wait 3-4 month after release and make the buy decission then.


Sadly I’d hoped that the company would have understood what they were in for and planned accordingly to avoid at least the optimization, stability and bug issues they’ve been known for, but I didn’t expect a complete failure on the part of what the “supporting” features of the game (because the Gameplay is still solid, it’s a very good time overall WHEN PLAYING, but the features “supporting” gameplay are actually all just taking away from it entirely).

This forum is so full of garbage posts by entitled kids. I would never want to be a CM for this forum.


@Mctoozle not really, fatshark should have released the game in a better state, i still havnt been able to get in the game since pre-release and i havnt been told what the issue is or anything, they kinda just ignore it

I was lucky enough that the game worked for me but i stopped playing cause Fatshark has no respect for my time.

i know class action lawsuits tend to make companies act, lol. Selling a product that doesnt work constitutes that right?

im just not sure if this would constitute one

got the image from this source: What to Know Before Filing a Class-Action Lawsuit | FAQs

@Eggregis-Thumbs no lawyer would touch it unless there was a petition for one or somthing

i get that, it would be a nightmare to win. I just find it funny that that would probably be the best way to get the developers to listen, or at least that what it seems like. @AnthonyMelchett

@Eggregis-Thumbs it kinda worked for battlefield 2042 but didn’t get anywhere because I think the creator of the petition just ghosted everyone

But the devs actively started working on improvements after the petition gained liked 300000 signatures lol