Hero-specific missions/campaigns

How about it? How 'bout helping old Kruber hunt down that necromancer? Or helping Bardin find the way to Karak Zorn? How about getting Salty’s eye back from the Skaven :stuck_out_tongue: ?


Seinna mission: Burn EVERYTHING to the ground!

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I’ve been asking for this since the original game, but more in the sense of “Well, it is only four characters that go on out to deal with the threat at the main mission at the time, right? So during that time, what does the fifth character do??”

Would be nice to have like small singleplayer oriented missions, that works similar to the prologue/tutorial in terms of enemies and gameplay up to where you rescue Bardin. Just some missions they have to do alone, either for personal reasons or as a small favor for Lohner or Olesya, where no disabling specials or bosses spawn.

Would be nice :slight_smile:


While there is a small chance of getting some singleplayer content, I highly doubt it. This is very much a co-op game. More likely, I think, are missions where you might get a glimpse into a character’s background, but still built as regular missions. In VT1, this was approached a bit in Karak Azgaraz with Bardin and his area knowledge being specifically referenced, and Stromdorf being the town our heroes met in.

I do hope for more background on our characters, be it in the form of missions, banter or a new lorebook.


Kruber: A mission for him to visit his farm to make sure his family is alright.

Bardin: A mission to find Karak Zorn from his map - makes me think of a Lord of the Rings moment except with rats instead of orks.

Kerillian: A mission that explores the reason why she left her homeland Athel Loren. Maybe even hinting about how the elves are doing during these dark times.

Seinna: A mission where she is tempted to give in to the Aqshy’s magic and she ends up having to make a decision…

Saltzpyre: A mission where he is searching for a sense of humor. Will he ever find it? We will have to complete the mission to find out!

I didn’t actually mean single player missions, I meant that the whole party went along. Now that the bridge of shadows is in the mix, you sure can side-track a bit and help Kruber hunt down that necromancer with the whole party? You could even explain why he doesn’t come along when nobody picked him as hero, since his lust for revenge might prove a liability.

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