Missions for the Future

What kind of scenarios would you like for the future?

For example:

  1. Story
    The Empire fought a brutal battle against the chaos a few ours ago. They had to retreat from the Battlefield.
    At one point a unit of footsoldiers heroicly deffended a bridge that led over a river. They secured the retreat of the main forces and most of them died in the fight. Now Lohner wants you to retrieve the guidon of this unit, which must still be somewhere near the bridge. He wants that the guidon serves as a symbol of bravery for the soldiers of the Empire.

  2. Location
    The Mission starts on a relatively plain grassy field. It would be quite a nice place if dead bodys were not lying arround everywhere. Grass and small bushes are still burning and the smoke limits the view quite significant. The mission area gets restricted by fire, fences, destroyed supplies and small river. Sometimes you meet destroyed farms or very old riuns. Of course there are pillaging ratmen and northmen everywhere. You can thell what happend in the battle by how the dead lie on the ground. A line of killed Ratlinggunner who got crushed by heavy artillery at one side and several dead Ratogres who smashed a formation of foot soldiers on the other.
    After some time you get to a big river that must lead to the bridge which you are looking for. While following the river you must cross an destroyed supplie camp and a small forrest. Many trees in the forrest are cut down by artillery fire and big creatures.
    Next you reach the bridge where the regiment held back the onslaught of the chaos.
    You can’t find the guidon here but a trail of dead corpses, humans aswell as rats, lead down the road.
    You follow it until you finally reach the ruin of a small keep. Here on the top of the last remaining tower is the guidon.
    As soon as you reach the top of the tower big hordes of enemies charge across the field.
    You defend yourself like the last survivors of the regiment did. Eventually a small part of the ruin collapses as a boss arrives. After you defeat him you can finally flee to the next waystone with the guidon in your hands.

I know the biggest problem of a mission like this might be the Framerate because of all the fire and smoke effects.
Whats your opinion about this?
What kind of levels would you like to see?

They just created game of endless possibilites. Since Warhammer has best lore ever. (its all about Fatshark how they play their next moves now)

If they keep adding new missions, new enemies, new cosmetic, new playable races… this game has potential to become world top 1 surival game. (and earn them wealth to live like Emperor and Elector counts)

I must say I really enjoy the game and I wish to see it expanded. So far devs got only /respect from me.
Keep up guys, dont stop !

Some suggestion for future:
-Tons of cosmetics (green, blue, epic, reds)
-New weapons
-Undead enemies (they always add creeping athmosfere, for some reason people love to play vs. undead, its like this in evry game, for some reason people love bashing skeletons and zombies)
-Ork and goblins enemies
-Kislev Ice mage playable race
-Warrior Priest playable race
-Volkmar the Grim or Balthazar Geltz (mage style playable race)
-Heavy rain or heavy storm mission (there is mission like this one in l4dead 2, nice athmosphere)
-New missions, with this engine u can replicate any warhammer lore mission you want, keep the spark, be creative (even gief comunity tools to create missions)

People are hungry beast, its all about to feed them now :smiley: in short

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