What I believe should have been in the game at launch, by now or/and in the near future

So a lot of people tend to be mad at Fatshark because their game is not polished enough, still buggy, or that they are greedy because they rehash old maps from the former game, not releasing content fast enough, or similar things. I am no game developer, nor do I have experience in making games or the education to work as one. Knowing that Fatshark is a relatively small studio, I don’t blame them for certain aspects of the game and believe that, given time, the game will be better and improved. To me, Fatshark is doing a good job with the game, but they need to listen to their Community more. What we want to be in the game and things we want to do in it, or similar things. We want the game to be fun, which it already is to me, a lot, but there is always potential for improvement.

Also going around are a lot of suggestions that seem fun, along with things people tend to ask themselves “Why is this not in the game yet?”, and I tend to agree on some points. I do not know how Fatshark works. What are they prioritizing? In the beginning, bug fixes and optimization. Now, I don’t know.

Although I say all this, even I have a few things I believe the game should have in it by now, or some qualms with its development, even if, as I said, I have no idea how it is to be a developer of a game. I also do not know too much about Warhammer, as I myself was never really interested, but while playing Vermintide 1, I got interested in the lore, but I still have barely any knowledge of the world as a whole.

Skip this next bit if you don’t want to hear some thoughts on the Ubersreik dlc.

On a quick note that may make some people angry. The Back to Ubersreik DLC, stop flinging around your unneeded hate for it. Fatshark being greedy for rehashing maps? The Community WANTED THIS. They wanted to see maps from V1 in V2. Sure, maybe not the maps we got, but you still asked to get maps from the first game into this one. New weapons mostly being dual handed? New weapons are difficult to come up with. I like them. Those that already have V1 should have gotten the dlc for free? No, but greatly discounted. Pay for the weapons at least. I am not defending or against Fatshark, I am just saying facts and my opinions. No need to be angry at them for giving you what you wanted. And if they can’t make money, then they can’t afford to make the game better. Support them if you want, but don’t be mad at them for wanting to earn some money like every other Company in the World do.

For that little bit above, I am sorry.

I am getting a bit too far off topic here. Let’s go back a bit. Below I have listed some thoughts of the game along with my opinions and suggestions for things I believe should be in the game by now, or in the near future.

To start things of, the games release was a buggy mess. The BETA was barely there and at the games release there were to many bugs to count, holes in the world in certain maps (like the Keep), etc. The game was NOT ready for launch. If given a bit more time and a longer BETA, things would have probobly turned out differently.

Now, here are a few things I want in the game that I believe should have been in the game at launch.

  1. An upgradable keep (aesthetically)
  • The keep should be upgradable. The walls of the main Tower, the inside of it, the stairs, the dungeon, the courtyard, the smithy, the character rooms, every single aspect of it.
  • How could it have been introduced? Have five additional npc characters that roam around the keep. These characters would be aquaintances to Lohner whom you would have saved in a single player mission (more on that later) that will then open an upgradable corridor that leads to a Woody thicket and a mine, that they will use to mine resources for your upgrades. One of the five would act as a Foreman and be the one you talk to to have your keep upgraded, with you choosing which part etc.
  • In order to upgrade you would need 3 currencies that vary depending on what it is you are upgrading. These would be Minerals, Wood and some kind of Money or Food.
  • The Minerals and Wood would come from an expandable mine and an expandable thicket in the mountain that you can get to from the courtyard (the door next to the Tower in the tunnel). In order to gather from them you must talk to the Foreman and ask him and his men to go and gather Minerals or Wood, which will then take 4 hours to complete 1 gathering. But for each completed mission, 2 hours will be taken away, so for every 2 missions, you could return to the Foreman and get the stuff they gathered.
  • The Money or Food currency is something you would earn by doing missions. You get a little if you fail a mission, but you get a lot when you complete a mission depending on how many pact-sworn were killed (Total of all 4 players), how many tomes, grims and loot dice were collected and how quickly you managed to beat the level. This is a currency that is easy to get a lot of quickly.
  • Each upgradable part of the keep should be upgradeable several times, making it look fancier at the cost of each upgrade being more expensive. The location of the characters rooms should also have an effect on the surrounding keep. The smithy and the part of the keep surrounding Bardin’s room should get a dwarven architecture, Kerilian’s room, the tree next to it and the wall between the main keep and the Tower in the courtyard should have elven architecture, the armory and the nearest area around Kruber’s room should be fitting to him, Saltzpyre and the dungeon should be made to suit him and Sienna’s room along with the balcony above and the corridor leading to it should be upgraded in a way that suits her, with bars blocking the hole between her room and the main keep (making it look like a cell from that angle). The rest of the keep and its areas will fit the style of Helmgart or any other characters that may or may not be intorduced in the future.
  1. Three additional unlockable rooms in the keep.
  • Lohner’s quarter where he can sometimes be found, especially when playing at night.
  • Oleysa’s quarter, where she does other experiments sometimes and even magic. Most commonly found here when playing at night.
  • A Bar that is connected to Lohner’s area. This bar has similarities to the Red Moon Inn form Vermintide 1 and even displays your flags from the previous game if you own and have played it. Lohner should also be standing in the bar here sometimes, like in V1.
  1. Singleplayer missions.
  • Whenever you play a match, there is always one character that is not coming along. These missions could be ways to explain what they do, while the others are out. They are mostly favors Lohner asks you to do while the other cause a commotion elsewhere, but could also be a personal mission for a specific character.
  • There are certain rules to these missions. Specials are now a boss spawn for a single player, but no specials that incapacitate the player can spawn (Gutter Runners, Pack Masters or Leech Witches). Stormvermin, Plague Monks, Marauders, Savages and Chaos Warriors are specials during these maps, while the others are common enemies. There are no hordes, but instead a small patrol can spawn that are a maximum of 7-10 enemies, that come to try to find you. These patrols are made of normal enemies, and the occasional Stormvermin, etc., among them. They can be avoided however. Monster bosses, like Rat Ogres or Bile Trolls, can also NOT spawn.
  • In order to remain healthy during a mission, green crystal-like orbs can sometimes be found or drop from enemies. Walking near or over one will cause it to restore some Health. If you go down during a mission, you will respawn with half Health at the beginning of the area you just died at up to a number of times depending on difficulty. Champion allows you to go down once without using a medkit, whilst on Legend this never happens as you will just fail.
  • Ammo can also sometimes be found in the same manor.
  • There should be a Tutorial for this type of mission that story wise is about Lohner telling you about some aquaintances that he is worried may have been captured, since they should have been at the keep by now, and asks you to go and rescue them. This takes place at the same time as Righteous Stand.
  • There should be 5 missions that are shared between all characters and 2-3 missions that are character specific.
  • Instead of Tomes and Grims on the maps, there are Three items to be found. One takes your Health Item slot, one takes your Potion slot and one your bomb slot. The items grant you a bonus, like the ability to instantly heal a very small amount with a cooldown, at the cost of each item giving you a permanent Health decrease while held.
  • These maps are best to stealth as much as possible.

And now as for things I believe should have been added to the game as of right now.

  1. More maps.
  • One or two free dlc maps.
  • Another dlc with 3-4 maps with a lord boss at the end of the final one. Maybe a return to Ubersreik in it’s current timeline, ruined status?
  1. A new playable character.
  • I found a post someone made a while back for a lizardman Skink character that I think would be perfect.
  • A new room should be added for him.
  • With the dlc should come 2-3 singleplayer maps for him and 1 new map for everyone else of how they meet him.
  1. More rooms.
  • The keep should have at least Three more rooms.
  • Two Trophy rooms, one for the skaven and one for the chaos, where you display their Tech, weapons and the like from things you have killed. You take quests to fill it up from the Foreman, like “Kill 5 Gutter Runners” and you get to display their weapons.
  • A giant armory and closet room, that is filled with all weapon illusions and cosmetics you have collected, displayed on the walls. The clothing is hanging together, and maybe only select pieces, since there would be too many to display.
  1. More weapons.
  • Particularly a new ranged weapon per character.

And then for what I believe should be added in the near future, following these suggestions.

  1. Even more maps.
  • Singleplayer AND multiplayer.
  1. Two new playable characters.
  • I have heard a lot of people that want a Bretonnian Knight. Make it a woman.
  • I saw earlier today a post about a Warrior Priest idea. Go for it.
  1. New playmode.
  • 2 Player Co-op with similar rules to that of Singleplayer.
  • Specific missions for this mode.
  1. More weapons.

And that is it for now. What do you all think? If you have any other suggestions or changes to this, feel free to post them. :slight_smile:

BUT DO NOT BE RUDE. These are just my opinions, no need to be an ass if you disagree.

A couple of years of development time here for much of the post.

I like the idea of the flags from VT1 being put up somewhere in the keep for those who owned it.

The 1p missions are a neat idea, and something that could be added with existing maps although I think many of the best players could dispatch a stormfiend, Roger or Troll on their own with little problems,although restricting the spawn of bosses is viable. I think a single player can plough through hordes easily enough if they play well so I’d be against nerfing horde spawns. Disablers have a place, but they’re so punishing if you get caught when you’re on your own I can see why they’d be removed.

While I agree with your sentiments, I don’t agree with the particulars.

Keep customization would certainly be good, and a few of the rooms you suggest would certainly be fun. While Olesya and Lohner both have their “quarters” (i. e. the spaces they occupy), I just realized that neither one seems to have a sleeping place there. And something to replace the Red Moon has been requested before…

For the extra resource gathering for Keep decoration I’ll have to say a hard “no” to. Better to make a use of existing resources (personally, I have 5k+ Scrap just laying around, and afaik, that’s not even that much) than to make up new ones. It also seems that FS doesn’t want to add NPCs in the game, for one reason or another. Thus, the role of foreman could well be done by Lohner - or just a bunch of drawings placed somewhere, to be more in line with the general style of the game.

More maps are always welcome, paid DLC or free, but they’re not a simple matter to add. See the dev blog about remastering Ubersreik for some idea, then note that those were maps already designed, with (some) ready-made assets, design and themes. Making new ones from scratch is a huge process, and will take time. Stay patient.

But as for single-player maps… You aren’t the first one to suggest them, and I’d certainly like to see some personal stuff for each character. But this is a co-op game, meant to be played as a group. Single-player missions (even if short and simple) take away from that, and frankly, wouldn’t be too interesting for me at least. Chances are, I and others would play them through once, then forget about them, unless there would be a significant advantage to be gained in which case they would turn into an annoying grind. To be honest, the Prologue is already annoying enough to play alone. I also happen to think that new mechanics, particularly one that change the gameplay style significantly, added suddenly are generally a bad idea. We play this game for a certain style; changing that (even on additional missions) doesn’t really add interest.

New characters have been discussed a lot before; you can search the forums for those threads. Tl;dr version of my own comments would be “it’s prohibitively complex and difficult, wouldn’t mesh well with the party dynamics, and wouldn’t bring in that much new stuff compared to, say, new Careers for existing characters”.

I think the rest of your ideas fit in with my existing comments.

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I should add that, re-reading what I typed, this is more a list of things I have heard people want along with some of my own stuff. I loved the tutorial in V2 and want to see more stuff like that, which is one of the two reasons why I wanted more singleplayer content. I am fully aware that the game is multiplayer at its core and has been since V1, but in my own opinion it would be more fun to have the ability to play with friends, or play some singleplayer stuff without bots and where you can play differently. Like how you can play Loud or Stealth in Payday 2, even if the two games are a bit different.

About development time, yeah, I am optimistic. Honestly, this is just what I wish to see. I am just happy if at least some of these things were to be added at least at some point in time.

The reason I’d add other resources for keep building and upgradeing/restoring is because I don’t feel the resources we currently have fit as supplies for building. For making weapons and trinkets, sure, since that is also what they used to be, but an entire wall or stairway for scrap, I don’t think so personally.

The new playable characters bit I am like, it would be cool, but they didn’t add a new character in V1, so why would they now? Still optimistic that they could. I’d rather have a new character than a new career for existing characters. They feel complete as they are.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts though. :slight_smile:

There’s a lot higher chance to add new careers than completely new heroes. And even the chances on new careers in VT2 are pretty low.

Keep customization is huge. People want cosmetics and you can visit the host’s keep. It is simply an oversight it has not happened yet.

It is about the end time character we don’t meet many other people. In VT1 it was more of a running gag or theme we are looking for people and all we find are letters, corpses or voices from … wherever.
Seeing alive villagers in cages was a huge drawback from that theme.
Even Olesya could have been put up the tower and the closed door could have been the interaction point.
There were also thoughts of placing all heroes in the keep as NPCs. Now I just realized why no one else is there: The other 4 are on a mission. You are the 5th left in the keep :smiley:

Definite no on single-player content. It’s like a singleplayer version of Monopoly.

About the VT1 flags I am torn apart:
Nice addition for veterans but it has a taste of “content I have to pay for” as you’d have to buy VT1 for that. Then, after collecting all the VT2 stuff people would go back to VT1 to complete their collection. Less players left.
And nostalgia aside: VT2 is the better game. And I like to keep my VT1 nostalgia.

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