Helping Friends Progress in Weaves - Low Essence Rewards

I’ve been playing weaves for the last few days, and I am really enjoying them!

One big issue is that the playerpool seems tiny, at least at the weave progress I’m at. Had to duo weaves 1-10, found a third who was at weave 29 but out of their goodwill, decided to help us beat weaves 11-25.

To grow the playerbase, we have little choice but to help other people beat weaves we’ve already completed ourselves. Unfortunately this means whoever is doing the helping gets almost no essence. A weave that originally rewarded 2k essence might reward 110. It is unfun, punishing, and does not promote a helpful and growing community.

Weave completion reward could be on a character basis, let me bring in my lower level off-main classes to help my friends and unlock their gear. Or, like in QP, don’t throttle the essence rewards.

The fact is, the essence is the reward. Removing that means there’s no incentive and no reward for me helping, other than the distant prayer that eventually maybe the grinding will be over and my friend can help me progress.


A great idea someone proposed in the beta forums (I can’t remember who anymore) was that the entire party should get full essence rewards as long as at least 1 person in the party hasn’t done the weave already yet.


Can’t agree more.

WoM is out 3 days now, and it already very hard to find people for the 5 first weaves, and it’s not going to be any better.

This will likely leads to players buying WoM a bit late not being able to complete their weaves in the right order, and QPing will only get them in high tier weaves which they will no be prepared for.

The fix proposed on the beta forums mentionned above seems great. I’d go as far as to say 50% essence for those who replay it, but no lower (current is roughly 5%)

Update : I’m now on weave 10. Redoing weave 10 grants me 120ish essence, while FAILING athen Yen’lui before event getting into the big forest grants me 300ish. How is this going to incentive players to help newcomers ? Even failing a normal game is more rewarding !

Also, succeeding in Champion granted me 933 essence but 962 for my friend in the same game., and we have done exactly the same weaves together. How do you explain this difference ? Can we have some numbers on how essence is granted on normal games ?

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Qp essence is based on your highest consecutive weave completed. It is the cap you can reach each game and you will earn more essence the more you kill/deal damage or time spent in game until that cap is reached. I made a the same suggestion drakon is referring to but I also remember someone making that same suggestion too.

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