Don't Require Ranked Weave Solo to earn Essence

At present in order to earn essence while doing normal matches a player is required to complete a solo ranked weave (in effect for most players, don’t be a smartass about being technically able to assemble a premade). Weaves would probably see more interest and use if it did not.


Because of the low playerbase in weaves, the requirement to start receiving essence should be changed to unlock when you complete Dark Omens instead.

I do agree with you. I was fortunate enough to have a friend who bought WoM at the same time as I did. Not everyone is that lucky though.


100% agree, soloing it is tough on a new/intermediate player. Took me a few tries to not get the troll knocking me out of the ring when I did it.
As a barrier for entry it is fairly high. Should probably just be removed tbh.

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