Played a Deed that counted as a Weave - Got awarded Essence

**I played a Weave mission. Afterwards I played a quick easy Deed. For some reason the game awarded me a LARGE amount of Essence afterwards. This could be an exploit, I haven’t investigated the matter further as I don’t want to make further use of it. **

After you complete weave 1 , any mission you play awards essence, campaign missions give a lot more than weaves

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Amount of essence also scales with how many weaves out of first 40 you did and also how long was the match (20 min giving max)

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Taking more time to complete a game rewards more essence? Am I reading that right? More thing to surprise me of how rough WoM launch was.

Yes, you can check it in FoW if you are bored that is if you haven’t reached essence cap, also essence is awarded regardless of victory or loss.

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