Missions no longer giving essence upon completion

It appears quick play missions are no longer giving essence upon completion. At least it’s not being show on the mission summary screen. I checked the patch notes and nowhere it is mentioned any changes to the mission summary screen.

  • Steps to reproduce the issue
    Play any quickplay or custom mission, upon completion no essence is given. I’ve played only on legend, haven’t check recruit, veteran, champion or cata.

  • How consistently the issue occurs for you
    -Since the Outcast Engineer, patch 3.4, update.

  • Screenshots and/or video evidence


I have had this issues as well. I can’t speak for Legend or Cata difficulties but I can confirm it is the case for Recruit, Veteran and Champion difficulties for me.

I checked my essence values before and after quite a number of games and it stayed at 53; I have completed up to weave 5 for context.


Can confirm, have this issue as well. Did 5 QP on Legend and they havent yield any essence. Before the Engineer update it worked just fine. Cant say if it did before the last hotfix, tho.


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