Share the essence between characters

Hello there, it would be great for the weaves mode if the essence was not ‘spent’ on one character only when you use it.
So if I have 300 essence and I spend 250 to level Saltzpyre and one weap. It could be great if Sienna could use the same 300 essence on her and its weapon instead of having 50.
It’s kind of a big deal for the following reasons :

  • Weaves are hard and ask you to change your builds according to the faced challenge.
  • If you have to spend your essence between characters you CAN’T catch up with farming the previous map.
  • Playing the ‘normal’ game does not allow you to farm essence at a great pace. (But it’s great when you’re actually starting)
  • Weaves are not made for new people, they become hard to do reallllyyyyy fast
  • It prevent us from switching chars therefore stop your progress because you can’t find people to play with as you can’t change your character as you see fit.
  • The magic amulet is now shared across all heroes and careers. Any excess essence spent on amulet upgrades has been refunded.

Ok I didn’t see patch changes

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Post is still valid. :+1:

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I would be fine with weaves giving it’s full essence rewarded if played with a character that had not done the weave yet. (Unless that is already so, I am not really sure atm)


It is not and it should be. Very simple and hardly overpowered since you get way less for playing easier deeds. I think it would be enough of an incentive anyhow.

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If you quote the entirety of the comment that precedes your reply it automatically does that when you hit the ‘reply’ button. It often gets me too :sweat_smile:

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