Heavy Swords

Fun little things, especially the MK IX.
Any chance it might some day get a blessing with Rending like Uncanny Strike that Dueling Swords have, though?
Or if that’s meant to be a Blessing for Finesse weapons, then how about something like Thunderous for applying Brittleness?

All the cleave blessings seem redundant when it already cleaves well enough.
I just wish I could bite into Flak Armored groups of Scabs and Flak Cap Dregs a bit better with a bit of investment.

I actually use the heavy sword over the evicerator.

Use the mkVII, the light attacks have 2 cc swings and 2 damage swings and result in you safely controlling a horde forever without needing to push attack, combined with the bleed build and you will crit a lot simply bc every attack on this weapon hits lots of targets.

Whenever you come across anything that isn’t a zombie, you use special => heavy => special => heavy

The special stuns any non ogryn and can hit multiple targets, I’ve stunned 2 ragers in a mixed group of mobs which felt great.

The first heavy is a horizontal right-left cleave that you can hold through a charge when you get used to the timing to deliver a one shot kill to a non-carapace special and any mobs standing next to them.

Btw the push attack barely moves someone on this variant, but the push attack is a stab so go for headshot.

The other variants of heavy sword I haven’t figured out how to use effectively,

the mk VI handles very similarly to the VII except its first heavy is a diagonal vertical swing and I preferred the cleaving swing of the VII.

The IX is almost a different weapon entirely, the light attacks mix in 2 diagonal swings that come out really fast but seem to hit less targets, and the heavy is a overhead chop so it would be great for headshotting specials.

The push attack on the VI is the same stab but seems to push farther, and iirc the IX’s push attack is a horizontal swing further confirming it is a very different weapon from the VI and the VII

I like the IX a lot. I’m hoping to get a decent one at some point, mine is a little outdated.