F@ck me. And by “f@ck me,” of course I mean “f@ck you”.

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Btw yes I got this error literally less than a second before the end of a full book legend run, and have been getting it on launch since. RIP me.

Everyone I know is getting this error too. Including me

Yeahp, I think this is widespread. There are 2-3 other threads already detailing it if I’m not wrong.

Our service provider is having issues in their data center. This is leading to outages across all our platforms. We’ll monitor and continue to relay information as it is provided.


Hey now, no need to be an arse to Fatshark forum reps about it! It’s a big game with a lot of moving pieces on the backend. Outages happen to every game, it will get fixed.


Take that with a grain of salt (in more than one sense, lol). I wasn´t trying to be an as*hole to anyone, just making a joke and venting the understandable frustration that came with that immense bs.

Afaik, any “backend error” comes up when your game connects to the servers on FS’s side (i. e. the backend). That connection happens in situations like finishing or starting a run, crafting, opening chests… So it’s not a coincidence or bad luck that it happened in the Bridge.

And as Hedge said, it’s up to the server provider this time (like it has been a few times before), so no use blaming FS for this one.

Should be solved now, or in the process of recovery :slight_smile: