Backend Error at Startup

I just purchased and installed the game last night on PC, and this morning while trying to play with my friend I couldn’t get into the game. Every time I get past the logos for fatshark and games workshop the game gives me the message “backend error” and only gives me the option to quit game.

I have tried reinstalling, verifying the game files through steam, reinstalling anticheat, verifying firewall permissions, changing graphics settings, reinstalling drivers, praying, begging my computer to run the game… I’m at my wits end, and I just want to play this game with my friend. I’m including the last 3 crash reports to see if that cane be useful.

console-2019-10-06-16.04.22-83cdb92f-1d1f-4101-8389-96c91ddad4d3.log (45.4 KB)
console-2019-10-06-16.02.36-524e55dd-fd59-45b5-987a-fe7585d6545a.log (41.9 KB)
console-2019-10-06-16.02.00-418b7046-7a7d-4d14-9474-d68b6b27cd0d.log (44.2 KB)

I’ve responded to your query via the Support Portal - my reply may be in your ‘Spam’ inbox.

Let’s continue the conversation there please. :slight_smile:

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