Backend Error Issues

Hi guys
You might see this pop up a lot but when I finish a level I get a Backend Error appear giving me only one option to Quit the Game and not letting me progress.
I have tried flushing my DNS, re-installing, validating the files ect. but to no avail.
Seeing some other posts about this issue I saw a few about about profile issues so I thought I would reach out for some help regarding this.
I will post my steam and some console logs below.

Thanks in advance for your help.

console-2020-05-03-21.44.00-6f54ffa0-3112-4bce-bff7-73be71bd1dda.log (411.9 KB)

console-2020-05-03-21.27.50-5713d62a-2786-4fdf-8956-37b975d301d8.log (422.4 KB)

console-2020-05-03-09.35.07-56c979aa-36fe-42dc-95fe-a99c4c10b6f6.log (1.3 MB)

console-2020-05-03-03.32.05-df68d248-164a-42a1-9fdc-9faf22610b92.log (1.5 MB)

Hmmm no indication of any account issues here! :frowning:

Could you try the other solutions on this page, if you haven’t already? Changing the DNS, etc.?:

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Thank you for your reply, I’ll go over them all again.

Hi there, I am getting the backend error and saw another forum on the issue. This is my console log… console-2020-05-09-02.17.58-6f578f85-0c12-4e14-8f75-7ab9fc834fb7.log (64.3 KB)

having a back end problem
console-2020-05-09-04.41.44-91521898-410c-431a-bbdc-79bd0c176b02.log (60.5 KB) console-2020-05-09-04.41.44-91521898-410c-431a-bbdc-79bd0c176b02.log (60.5 KB)

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