Hello Fatshark. I am constantly disconnected from the servers. This hasn’t happened before, but I haven’t played the game in about a year. Now I can’t connect to the servers when I log in to the game, or I am disconnected from the game at the beginning, end of missions or when initiating any action with in-game equipment, heroes. In log files, this error is indicated as “backend_err_request_timeout” (no error code).
I don’t have a firewall or IDS/IPS, my system is not infected with viruses, the hosts file has no unnecessary redirects. The machine with which I connect to the game servers is behind a router with NAT. When sending packets from the machine to the router and from the router to the remote server, they are not lost and arrive without delay.
What I tried: change DNS servers to google DNS servers, specify the ip addresses of the game directly in the hosts file, checked whether the ip addresses of the game are blocked in my country (no). Nothing helps me.
Attached several log files, the steam url and the steam ID below. If possible, I ask you to help or suggest ways to solve the problem, thank you.
console-2023-02-12-08.15.41-909ee474-d6d4-4ae6-9c92-d6f826a6fc88.log (120.3 KB)

Issue Description:

console-2023-02-12-08.28.50-4227db6b-14af-438d-a8f0-5791a4bd67c1.log (119.0 KB)


Player ID:
[STEAM_0:1:57858290/Steam Community :: SADMAN]

Reproduction Rate:
Constant (100%)

user_settings.config (49.5 KB)
console-2023-02-11-15.07.50-31727d65-1bb7-4ac4-8db7-ec6889bb384f.log (119.2 KB)

Hi @KolyaManushka,

Unfortunately it appears that you are running into a current known Server Error issue, which appears to be affecting players (at least primarily) in Russia, Latvia and Sweden.

What ISP do you use?

We’ve reached out to our Backend Service Provider who are now investigating into the issue, and we’re waiting for an update from them.

Unfortunately, I don’t have an immediate solution for you, but rest assured we are on the case.

You can view other threads on this issue, where we’ll be posting any updates, here:

Thanks for reply. My ISP is Beeline (Russia, Krasnoyarsk). I have static IP. It will be very sad if I can’t play your game because of technical problems caused by certain events taking place in the world. And these technical problems are beyond your sphere of influence(
Thank you for your help, I will hope for the best)

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