Server Error Sign-in timeout

Been trying to get into the game for quite some time now , only managed to log in once then after quitting and trying to get back into it i get the same message every time " Server error sign-in timeout "console-2020-01-08-18.37.10-2ec0ea2a-855d-43f3-b5bd-716115211564.log (70.0 KB)
console-2020-01-08-18.26.55-18b3219f-0f95-4a51-8285-779b9697b9a6.log (84.7 KB)
console-2020-01-08-19.01.00-273b3fa5-3d59-4fc1-a9e7-be0f866f73e8.log (84.7 KB)

Sorry to hear this. Please see here for our solutions for this error:

I am having the exact same problem right now.
Flushing the DNS Cache didn’t work for me now. I’ll try the other solutions out.

After Verifying the Files it works. However I don’t really believe it was the solution, or that the problem is fixed. It still takes ages to start the game.

Tried every step still getting the same server error message .

Today everything seems to work fine for me.

Yes after trying the same things over and over yesterday i finally logged in to the game .

Odd! May I ask which countries you’re both playing from, and which ISP you’re with?

I think never happened to me before and magically solved itself over night…
I am from Austria and have “Drei” (LTE) as ISP.

Playing from Greece and have “WIND” as ISP .

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