Server Error - Sign-in Timeout still occurs

Just like before, this - error - happens every single time I try to log into the game, past all cutscenes, during loading.

Unlike previous cases, however, no amount of client-side machinations or waiting for server-side resets helped fixing the problem. I’m locked out of the game for around a week now, neither resets to DNS/network/local adress/IP, nor verifying/reinstalling all the files helped, obviously. Using VPN will not be an option for me, installing it will not be time well spent for a game that won’t function properly above 100ms latency. I’ve asked around my Steam friendlist and it looks like many people have encountered this problem at least once, and a few are permanently locked away just like me. I can assume it mostly happens for CIS or Eastern Europe players, but I may be totally wrong as the majority of people I’ve asked are from these regions.

I fully understand that no amount of work put into attempts to boot the game on my part will save me from recieving a “try turning it off and on again” sort of advice and then getting this thread ghosted, but reporting the issue is the only right thing I can do at the moment, and maybe, if there are more people pointing at their game they aren’t even able to launch, this problem will finally get fixed.

I was under the impression you had resolved your errors from your comment here, I apologise for not seeing your most recent reply to Blince’s post.

We have to run through the standard client-side solutions with each player that reports this. Sometimes successful, sometimes not. Players experience these errors for various reasons, and unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all solution (as much as I wish there was!).

Ultimately, however, this is a client-side issue. May I ask which country you’re playing from?

I play from Russia, but running through the problem with my Inet provider resulted in nothing.
Actually, I assume you may point out problems with RKN and their IP fan-ban fraud back in the day, which resulted in many RusFed players not being able to join the game. But back then, problems resulted in instant back-end error shutdowns (and Fatshark not giving out server IPs to negotiate with our providers). Besides, sometimes Sign-in timeouts could accur and disappear within an hour without actually doing anything, which would be way too fast to do anything with our slowpoke providers.

That’s precisely why I asked for your country as the Sign-In Timeout errors have become a prominent issue for some of our Russian players, which I can only suspect is somehow related to the IP bans but manifesting differently to the previously observed SSL_CONNECT_ERROR. I can’t say it will work, but you may benefit from this workaround put together by one of our Russian players:

So, I’ve checked your suggestions while I had time. That one with RKN bypass Steam guide doesn’t work, as the domain used for this method doesn’t exist anymore (I found similar one and managed to get an adress from there, but it didn’t do anything for me).
I’ve tried several VPN connections, but all free (or trial I haven’t used yet) options would either not work, do nothing about the problem or constantly crash my connection so I couldn’t even launch the game without Steam shutting down (decent free/opensource VPNs are quite limited here).
Then I asked around some people from my area what Inet provider do they use, and I found a guy that uses exactly the same provider as I do that can actually log into the game (but he did have similar problems). I can probably go as far as trying to launch the game from my office which also has the same provider, but only if you really need that kind of info for problem research.

The game works for me again, so I won’t be able to test the issue for… well, a couple of days or less.

Me and my friends have had exactly the same problem in a past few days. Sometimes it’s a sign-in timeout, sometimes its SSL connect error at the end of the mission, or just “Lost connection to server”. It appears and disappears randomly, if you’re lucky you can finish a few maps without problems, but in other times it prevent you from loading the game at all. It seems connection problems pop up more often in the evening hours.
VPN can solve this problem, but free VPN services often rise your latency up to a 150ms or more, making a game nearly unplayable. And not everyone can afford a paid VPN.
As far as i can tell by reading steam forums and asking my friends, many of the russian players expereinced this issues in a past week.

It would certainly help, as we’d be keen to know whether this is specific to one particular ISP. But I completely appreciate that it’s a lot of hassle and it’s not expected by any means.

Indeed many of our Russian players are affected by this issue which is unfortunately out of our control for the most part. We’re doing our best to identify workarounds. :frowning:

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