Server Error - Sign-in timeout


Since this evening, I don’t seem to be able to start the game.
After starting the game from launcher, I get the usual black screen and error message “Sign-in timeout: Backend error”

Played the game with no issue this afternoon.

Sometimes when I start the launcher, the “Play” and “Settings” options are greyed out and take some time to be available again… some othertime it stays greyed out for a long time (like a minute)

Dunno what’s going on here…

Same issue here, got server error : Sign-in timeout

Please try running through the solutions listed here. Let me know if you need any help.

Out of interest, which countries are you both located in?

Edit: This appears to be a widespread issue for our French players with the ISP Orange.

Tried the 5 solutions, nothing works.

and yes i’m from france and ISP Orange .

I’ll play tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately all we can do is wait for Orange to resume service. More information here:

Thanks Julia,

It’s working again I checked earlier this morning.

And you were right : French player with Orange ISP

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