Server error Sign-in timeout - tried everything

I got 235 hours in VT2, didnt play for about 6 months. Wanted to return - getting this error every time "Server error Sign-in timeout ". Googled every forum on any issue - have no idea what to do.
Reinstalling - didnt help
Clearing DNS cache - didnt help
Using VPN - didnt help
Not using any antivirus software.
Played game for 235 hours on this PC with same system, same internet, same drivers.

WTF, Fatshark? Let me play your game and pay money for your dlc-s, please.

GUID: 73e8f92a-91da-4015-83b5-00df469d3440
Log File:
Info Type:

Could you also try changing your DNS, if you haven’t already? This is usually successful in resolving the Sign-In Timeout error.


Used Google DNS and OpenDNS + my standart dns - nothing helps(

So there is no fix? Im not able to play VT2 anymore?

Have you rebooted your router?

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