Server Error Sign-in Timeout 2 electric boogaloo

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IS there a fix for the ‘Server Error Sign-in timeout’ issue? I’ve reset the router, restarted the computer, checked the integrity of game files, made firewall rules, switched the firewall off. What is the issue?

Flushing or changing the DNS is usually the most reliable solution for resolving this. Please see: [PC] How to Resolve SIGN-IN TIMEOUT - COULDNT_CONNECT - CONNECTION TIMEOUT - COULDNT_RESOLVE_HOST Errors – Fatshark

didn’t change anything.

Sorry for the late reply! That’s very unfortunate. Are you able to hook your PC up to a mobile hotspot, only for a couple of minutes, purely to see if the error continues? I appreciate this isn’t always an option but it can help isolate the issue.

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