Been getting this "backend error: couldn't resolve host" crap

So I’ve been getting this error pretty consistently. It pops up generally after matches during the loading screen before getting any experience or loot. I’ve looked into the issue and it seems to be something that was supposed to be fixed before 1.2. Would love some support, I play this game a lot and love it dearly. Please save me fatshark!

Here are my console logs <3

console-2018-12-25-01.13.35-8A409380-D423-409B-882B-7096.log (652.8 KB)

Are you still having this trouble, it seems around the time of this thread there were some issues on Steam’s end.


Yes I am still getting the issue. Im trying to finish my challenges right now and can’t! Help plz <3T_T

I’d try some basic things such as placing the game in your firewall exceptions and try playing with any antivirus you have uninstalled temporarily to see if that’s causing issues with the game reaching our backend servers where progress is stored.

so I tried this to no avail. Anything else it possibly could be? I also did a integrity check

I’m still getting these errors, but now they are happening mid game. The issue has been getting worse, also I’ve been getting disconnected from a lot of other hosts matches. Both of these issues are happening more and more for me, and I’m curious now if also they are related.

Let me know if you want some new logs to look at please.

Thank you for your assistance.

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